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Should Rajon Rondo be suspended for tossing Kirk Hinrich into the scorer's table?

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rondo_hinrich_bulls_celtics.jpgIt's probably moot to ask a largely Chicagoan crowd to weigh in on this subject -- but should Rajon Rondo be suspended for Game 7 for this hard foul against Kirk Hinrich?

Benching Rondo would make it even tougher for the Celtics, whose bench has already been deprived by injuries, to win Saturday. But where do you draw the line? Just because his presence on the court is vital to giving the Celtics a chance to win, does that mean the league should overlook his actions in last night's game?

After watching the replay, it seems obvious -- this is clearly more of an egregious display of unsportsmanlike conduct than Dwight Howard's errant elbow the other night -- the same one that sentenced him to watching his team and live blogging about it instead of playing. Rondo was charged with a flagrant foul and Hinrich was charged with a technical, but neither were ejected from the game. 

And yet, Rondo's gotten away with another flagrant foul in this series when he fish-hooked Brad Miller. After reviewing the play, league officials somehow determined that because Rondo didn't wind up, he was going for the ball. Perhaps these same league officials are due for a makeup call?

Check out the replay and tell us what you think:

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Yes...he should be suspended...what you are missing from the clip or not mentioning in your statement is the fact that after Hinrich charges him with rage (after being thrown)....Rondo backs up and throws a quick elbow (yep its there watch it again) toward Hinrichs not only does he have the throw he has the elbow against him in that clip.

Suspend or face the wrath of people seeing the corrupt nature of Mr. Stern and the NBA's double standards!

The NBA doesn't want the bulls to advance. So if Brad Miller threw Rondo into the tables, would he have been suspended ?

Rondo clearly should be suspended here. First there are 2 infractions. The obvious toss but right when the ref is stepping you can see he throws a punch also. The table throw is so vicious that people aren't talking about the punch that was thrown. It didn't land and was half-heated but it clearly had better form than the Mourning/Johnson slapfest. If you suspend Howard you have to suspend Rondo.

Kirk Heinrich was boxing Rondo into the sidelines (a foul) so Rondo simply took his momentum and flung Kirk there instead.

The refs correctly called it a Flagrant-1.

So Kirk initiates the contact by trying to box Rondo into the stands, gets himself flung there instead, Rondo gets a flagrant-1 (correct call), and then Kirk goes after Rondo by shoving him and only gets a technical.

I'd say the Refs did it perfect and that you should watch tennis or golf instead.

If it were the regular season... suspend him. I think the best thing for the here and now though is a big fat fine. Send the message without tilting the integrity of the series. The best team should win... and it would be much sweeter if the Bulls beat them with Rondo than without. And after seeing Rose stay in front of Rondo all game yesterday, forcing him into 4/17 shooting not to mention the big block... I believe we can. We took their best punches yesterday and prevailed. Let's close the deal boys.

He should have been tossed from last night's game, but not Game 7.

If he isn't going to get suspended for throwing Hinrich into the scorers table. He needs to be suspended for throwing an ELBOW after the scorers table incident.

rondo is a bitch. he needs to have his ass kicked, seriously. after fouling miller he started clapping. if i were the bulls coach, i would pick my worst player off the bench and send him onto the floor as a hitman... just take rondo out... and hard. he deserves it. what a punk bitch.

Yes rondo should be suspended because DWIGHT HOWARD did for a accidental elbow and rondo decided to throw a player into the scorers table, but i wouldnt ussualy agree with suspending a guy in game seven for such a weak throw you kinda have to since hte stupid NBA decided to suspend Howard. Another thing what is up with the refs this year the refs are trying to control every game like take the whistle out of your mouth and let them play, but also its not really their fault since they are told to make a call every two seconds its not the NBA ITS THE WNBA.

For tossing Hinrich into the table no he should not be suspended, but as many have said for throwing a punch (not an elbow he first untangled his arm) he should be suspended. Now in a more extreme case Artest was suspended for almost an entire season and a reason cited was that he was a "habitual" problem. So looking at Rondo's impressive resume of dirty plays (tripping a wide open player, close fist punching another one, throwing a guy into a bench, then throwing a punch over an officials shoulder) he should be suspended.

That shouldnt even be a question. Maybe If he didnt do what he did to Brad Miller a few days ago which everyone was talking about.Even people who were going for Boston knew that it was a bad call, and all the other unnesseary snaps and pushes from him, but c'mon! Is the NBA serious?! He should have been defiantely tossed! Theres to much there to say that the NBA isnt fixed!

I agree with the last 9 comments!It's a Shame that Bulls came even try to play a fair game without one of Boston Players trying to attack them, and refer even knows this..I cant stand to see Davis and Rondo to get smack the bulls players around and talk a lot of stuff..... when Allen always shooting three from different spots of the courts, I say Rondo should be Suspended from the game. Whats makes me even mad is that Refer knows Boston has the chance to win the game and instead of them trying to call fouls on Boston for attacking the bulls their calling fouls on the bulls! Again, "RONDO" Should be "suspended" from the game!!!

I agree that he should be suspended. If Rajon wasn't playing for the defending champions he would of been ejected and suspended. He has slapped Brad Miller and now he threw Kirk into the scoring table. The NBA is rigged.

I agree that he should be suspended. If Rajon wasn't playing for the defending champions he would of been ejected and suspended. He has slapped Brad Miller and now he threw Kirk into the scoring table. The NBA is rigged.

You homers are a joke. This so called atrocity was a natural reaction to Hinrich boxing Rondo hard, backwards,all the way from around the foul line to the area beside the table, even though the play went away from them both positionally and temporally. A foul, flagrant, should have been called on Hinrich before Rondo TCBed. Hinrich can dish it out but he can't take it. Grow up and get real Chicago.

Brad Miller was crying after i popped him, lil girl. Never seen a grown man cry like that though. And as for this series, dont bother watching unless you plan on a mouthful of hurtin!! Wassup Kirk!!! Where u at!!! Come to MY HOUSE!!!

Did anyone else notice that the NBA, who has let thousands of NBA clips stay on youtube for years, decides to remove the Rondo clip within hours of it being posted? Not only do they not want to suspend Rondo, they want to manage the information. I'm sure ESPN is doing their part by not showing the highlight too often.

Rondo should definitely be suspended. Not only on the basis of his attack on Hinrich, but his overall unsportsmanlike conduct he has showed throughout the series (tripping Hinrich on a drive through the lane, stitches, whacking Miller, stitches, and his earlier fragrant foul committed in the series on Joakim). The NBA always state that they protect their assets, the players, therefore have zero tolerance in dirty plays like that which can result in an injury. What if Hinrich ended up getting a serious ankle sprain from that toss, or hurt his wrist in anyway??? What then, Hinrich is out and Rondo just gets a slap on the wrist? No, the NBA should have consequences to make an example of these actions in effort to prevent them. Robert Horry back in 2007 playoffs hip-checked Nash into the scorers table, which resulted in a 2 game suspension!!!! check out the link to see what I am talking about. That was a mere collision that was unnecessary and Rondo intentionally threw Hinrich into the scorers table. Unacceptable, but then not to mention Rondo retaliated with an elbow that missed. So if the NBA does not suspend Rondo, then it is fully contradictory and a load of BS. Unfortunately I highly doubt they will because they love Boston (same way the NFL cradles New England Patriots), and they will not want to tinker with the Series.

I'm all the way from Vancouver, BC, Canada and I'm not a big fan to either team...but I am a fan to the NBA. I've been watching this series quite closely however (because it's the only series going the miles). Anyways, from actions by Rondo in both games 5 and 6, I truly believe he should be suspended...or at least ejected. Dwight Howard got suspended for swinging the elbow, and Rondo did just the same (he just missed it on Hinrich), and he gets away without a penalty for it. Yes, he got a flagrant foul for the grabbing, but again...nothing for swinging the elbow? If refs start to let that kind of stuff go, players like Rondo will continue to do it until they get penalized and by that time, someone maybe seriously injured then.

I am not sure what these NBA officials are told to do, but seems to me that they are treating each player differently and swallowing their whistles in these cases. There are more and more NBA fans getting frustrated with the officiating these days and no wonder the NBA fan base is decreasing. I wonder then, what will Hinrich get if he elbows Rondo the next game? Will he receive anything then?

This article, and the complete embellishment of what ACTUALLY happens in that clip, vs. what is being exaggerated for dramatic(and blatantly false)effect is yet another example of horrendous "homerism" in regional sports journalism from the Windy City. It reads like a tossed script of the 1990's SNL skit "Da Bears" where local sporsts pundits laud Chicago's awful, mediocre teams - as if they could do no wrong. It's kind of sad that this is what contemporary sports journalism has become.

Hinrich fouled rondo by pushing him into the scorers table all the way from the foul line, LONG after the play was over, and as a reaction Rondo Grabs Hinrich's arm to pull himself back up - and free his arm from Hinrich's elbow lock. I notice no one here mentions that Hinrich CLEARLY had Rondo's right arm in an illegal elbow lock while pushing him back - which explains why Rondo doesn't just run up the court on offense - because he couldn't, as he was being held and pushed out of bounds.

Hinrich then reacts like a 5 year old who just had his ice cream taken away by a bully, and charges Rondo with his chest puffed out like a kitten in the face of a scary adversary. It was sadly comical. Like watching a 4th grader who doesn't want to fight trying to show he wasn't a wimp, and failing miserably at it.

The refs got it right, flagrant on rondo for the toss, Tech on Hinrich for the hilarious histrionics, and complete lack of testicles. Except, for the fact that they ignored the initial foul by Hinrich on Rondo in trying to back him off the court and into the scorer's table while holding his arm in a reverse half nelson.

This site is pathetic.

Kevin Allen: So I take it your answer would be "no" ... Rondo should not be suspended for Game 7?

yes he should've gotten suspended for game 5. The the panzy NBA boards won't do it. It's corrupted. They suspended Dwight Howard for his altercation but do nothing to Rondo.

Stern is a panzy and incapable of stepping up the the plate when it comes to this type of thing. Rondo is a thug and this was a major foul that the NBA has decided to gloss over. One thing is it Boston and Stern the panzy would never let them lose. He is happy that the Bulls are giving them a good serious. But is incapable of making decisions like making Boston sit this thug as should be done.


My answer would be to look back into the NBA archives for playoffs games and suspect fouls/altercations that didn't garner ejections or suspensions that were far more egregious than anything that took place in this series, before writing such an infantile and obviously biased article. It reads much like Hinrich's little pantywaist show boating last night. All fluff and no substance.

Admit it - you wrote this to get the teeming unwashed masses of Chicago fans all riled up over the fact that your team is losing to the Celtic's bench, and you're begging for another Celtics starter to be lost so you might have a chance to win.

Think about that for a minute.

But I'm sure your rantings here are generating lots of click-though counts and advertising revenues for your parent companies, so good for you for selling your journalistic integrity over to the man, and writing like a scared lapdog.

Kevin Replies: A scared lapdog? I've been called many things, Danno ... but scared lapdog is probably the cutest metaphor anyone's ever used to describe me. I'm taking it as a compliment ... but only because I know scared lapdogs to be good writers.

"Homerism" in regional sports journalism??? What do you expect, Danno? Impartial coverage? Get real.

you can still check out the fight here:

here is what i see when i watch this video:
Hinrich is boxing out Rondo, they get caught up a bit, but it sure looks to me like they just got a tangled together.

Rondo should be suspended, and the reason is simple. Instead of just trying to prop up Hinrich or hold his spot, he uses the momementum of Hinrich to grab and throw him into the scorer's table. He clearly can be seen grabbing the arm and then forcibly throwing Hinrich backwards.

Rondo had a choice when he got tangled up with Hinrich, be a man, and stop both of their momentums, since it was obvious Hinrich would have just fallen down had they not been tangled up. Instead, he acted like the punk he has been since he came into the league, and threw Hinrich arcoss the floor.

The elbow he threw should be an automatic suspension, but if you are going to suspend him for the elbow, don't you then have to suspend Hinrich for getting up and going after him? (i understand where Hinrich is coming from, but if he didn't react that way, I think Rondo would have been automatially ejected at that point).

The Link is bad.

But yes, he should.

This is the most simple call to make. There is no way that you cannot suspend him. What he has done in the past games cannot be allowed otherwise players in the nba are going to have to start wearing pads to make sure they arent injured. Teach the kid a lesson, even if it means he doesn't get to play in game 7 and the Celtics lose. Letting him play in game 7 is just asking for him to commit another hard foul and maybe injure someone. If the NBA wants to maintain any sense of equality, he needs to be suspended. You cannot give him a fine and call it even. I doubt taking even 500k from him will make him regret what he did or stop him from doing it again. If they end up winning the series because of his actions, I'm sure there will be a big bonus he recieves which covers the fine.

"DWIGHT HOWARD did for a accidental elbow"

Wow....I cannot believe you think Howard's elbow was accidental.

This debate is futile...we all see what we want to see.

Enjoy the off-season suckas - we're moving on to Orlando.

If you play ball you know what happened. The ball was shot, and Hinrich boxed out. As he attempted to transition, he lost his footing and grabbed for air, which caused the tangle with Rondo. This happens all the time. However, Homer is right. Rondo had the opportunity to stand and stop their momentum. But he chose to act like an idiot. I am a fan of Rondo, which is why I am disappointed by his actions. If you people refer to game 5, he also blatantly tripped Hinrich, and tried to take off Brad Miller's face. Who are his mentors? Dennis Rodman? Ron Artest? lol. If they do not suspend him (which should have already been done) then game 7 is going to turn into an all out brawl between both teams.

Dwight Howard gets suspended for throwing an elbow. Accidental or not, it doesn't matter, he got suspended. Rondo clearly had intent of throwing the elbow in that squirmish. What is Rondo going to say? I accidentally threw my elbow at his face?

The Spurs vs Suns a few years back was directly impacted by the Horry hipcheck on Nash. Stoudemire got suspended for leaving the bench area. That series was essentially over, the Suns had zero chance of beating the Spurs without Stoudemire.

If the NBA has rules they need to stick to them. They have two past cases that clearly state that rule breakers will get suspended. Howard got ejected for an elbow. Rondo deserves the same. The funny thing is, it won't have the same effect of that Suns vs Spurs series. The Celtics can still beat the Bulls without Rondo in a Game 7 in Boston.

So now we're going to suggest suspending players for their "intentions"?

Are we going to give a Game 4 win back to the Celtics because Pierce intended to hit those late free throws that he really missed?

How is Hinrich's dual forearm shiver on Rondo, AND AN NBA REF, NOT an ejection quality display of stupidity, but Rondo's complete lack of contact on a flailing arm he threw is ejection worthy?

Did you people all take stupid pills this morning?

The only reason people want to see rondo get suspended in game 7 is because they know he is a threat and if he is in the game they may lose, its the playoffs common.

Kirk Hinrich is such a tool. He would have gotten beat down by Rondo in a second. I'm sick of this Chicago team. They have great young talent, but can't play a complete game without complaining and cheating to a win. Get ready to lose on Saturday night.

Danno- I cannot see this so called illegal elbow lock you describe- must be a special sight that only Boston fans can see. I noticed that you neglected to mention Rondo's dirty plays throughout the series. Oh wait I guess Rondo didn't really trip Hinrich, Hinrich must of had Rondo in a leg lock. Oh and Brad Miller wasn't really hit in the head those are just phantom stitches, or you know maybe I should give Rondo the benefit of the doubt as Miller is a 7 footer with a large head which can easily be mistaken for the ball. You also fail to mention Rondo's missed elbow after he threw Hinrich into the bench. You are very selective in what you choose to see and I don't blame you after all ignorance is bliss.

And now for some sanity- Rondo should have been tossed period, especially after the refs had the benefit of instant replay but I guess Jason kid was right about them being three blind mice....

This is a nice biased posting board. If anyone was actually being impartial they would recognize that the Bulls have gotten away with a ton of hard fouls in these games. Kirk Hinrich tackled Kendrick Perkins in game 5, throwing him to the floor, and only got a personal. Brad Miller tackled Rondo in game 6 to keep him from a rebound and no foul was called. Hinrich put Paul Pierce in a bear hug and dragged him away from the ball to keep him from getting clear for a shot, no call again. I could go on for days if I tried to detail every hard shot on Pierce in games 3 and 5.

The fact of the matter is that ref's have called a fairly consistent series, if not overly penalizing the Celtics. Either recognize the truth of the situation or stop being little b******.

Rondo looks exactly like Smokey from "Friday."

Of course he should be suspended. No one can seriously argue otherwise, based on what happened with Dwight Howard. Period.


How can Hinrich be a 5 year-old and a 4th grader at the same time? That makes him pretty smart and/or mature for his age. Certainly not a pantywaist!

Also, how can Chicago teams be both awful and mediocre at the same time? Do tell.

Ken from Seattle,

Check out Robert Horry bumping Steve Nash into the scorers table in the playoffs a couple years ago. He was suspended one game. Rondos infraction was way worse not even including the punch that missed. The NBA definitely has a double standard, just read some of Donaghy's testimony.

This is at least the third time Rondo has let his frustration get the best of him. In game 5 late in 3rd quarter, Hinrich was driving past Rondo and he stuck his knee out intentionally sending Hinrich to the floor and into the camera. Later in that game he slapped Miller in the mouth. And now the incident in game 6. The league needs to do something. If you suspend him for game 7 that's a big consequence, maybe Rondo will contain his frustration and not lash out like a child. I don't think it would be that big of blow to Boston. Marbury has been waiting to prove doubters wrong and he could pose a problem for Rose, Hinrich, or Gordon with his speed on the offensive end. This isn't whining, but this isn't hockey and consequences are needed.

Yes. Per the NBA Rules posted on (
"Any player who throws a punch, whether it connects or not, has committed an unsportsmanlike act. He will be ejected immediately and suspended for a mini-mum of one game."

Rondo clearly threw a punch, so he should have been ejected last night AND suspended for game 7. At least per the NBA's own rules.

This is at least the third time Rondo has let his frustration get the best of him. In game 5 late in 3rd quarter, Hinrich was driving past Rondo and he stuck his knee out intentionally sending Hinrich to the floor and into the camera. Later in that game he slapped Miller in the mouth. And now the incident in game 6. The league needs to do something. If you suspend him for game 7 that's a big consequence, maybe Rondo will contain his frustration and not lash out like a child. I don't think it would be that big of blow to Boston. Marbury has been waiting to prove doubters wrong and he could pose a problem for Rose, Hinrich, or Gordon with his speed on the offensive end. This isn't whining, but this isn't hockey and consequences are needed

I'm a Rockets fan and I think Rondo is definitely due for a suspension, but the NBA will not suspend him because they want this series to continue to go down to the wire. It's unfortunate that the NBA "guides" teams to the championship in the playoffs, but that's why a lot of people don't watch these playoffs anymore. I for one, always will, but its blatantly obvious there is favoritism and behind the scenes decisions.

first of all Miller is a baby, he made a reason of why he wouldn't make the foul shot before he shot it, second of all on game 5 that should not be a flagarent, he fouled him hard because it was game 5 ,in the playoffs, and for game 6 Kirk was the one who shoved him into the score table, and Rondo did nothing to defend himself, so i would like to say most of you people are sad,. i can't wait until they say " Miller Sucks" and "Kirk Sucks" at game 7, the celtics will win

For those of you who think he should be suspended for game 7, I turn your attention to the Bulls bench during the altercation. A conservative estimate would have no less than four guys making their way on the floor. That's an automatic suspension. So, go ahead an suspend Rondo. Hinrich would have to be suspended for the shove and anyone who stepped off the bench and on the floor as well.

I want to see Hinrich fight Scalabrine. Now that would be some funny stuff. GO BULLS

For the people to blind to see and intent on defending Rondo, Hinrich did NOT box him out all the way to the stands. He boxed him out on the rebound. Rondo grabbed Hinrich's right arm (it's clearly obvious in the youtube clip and blatantly obvious if you watched the high-def telecast of the game).

He grabs the arm and pulls Hinrich all the way back and then flings him. Hinrich may have boxed him out aggresively but he didn't instigate anything. Rondo not only pulled Hinrich all the way from inside the 3-point line to the edge of the court, he then proceeded to FLING him into the scorers table and then throw an arm at Hinrich when he was incensed.

Note, Hinrich has stitches on his forehead from Rondo intentionally tripping him in an earlier game and landing, face-first.

Rondo is a dirty player and I have lost all respect for him as a ball-player. He has taken nothing but cheap shots and needs to be suspended for multiple games, not just 1. His body of work needs to count against him, but I seriously doubt the NBA will do anything.

Also, I cannot believe people are defending Rondo for this. He is the instigator, not some defenseless victim.

I guarantee you one thing if Heinrich was hurt as a result of Rondo's cheap shot Rondo would be sitting as well for game 7. The NBA is hypocritical in its typical cowardly way. I mean come on Rondo bloodied Miller with a bitch slap across the face and then follows that up with a move that might get him disqualified in the WWE. The guy has no business playing and win, lose or draw I can't wait until he tries one of his penetrations down the middle in game 7 and Miller takes him out. Keep crying Boston fans. Even if you squeak by da Bulls you will be lucky to last 5 games against Orlando. Final prediction....Bulls 98 Celtics regulation.

I reviewed it on you tube. You're right, I'm wrong, I think.

rondo should be suspended because he is a dirty player and dislikes white players like kirk and brad miller so yes and he is racist against whites

Short and simple. I think they both should be suspended, they both were pushing each other a bit. fair is fair, can't be unfair to one or the other. Has to be the same for both. GO CELTICS!! :)
But we all know the refs all suck.

I really don't think the Bulls want Rondo to be else can they inflict pain on him if he is out of the game? Now I am not talking about the cheap stuff Rondo does like: punch, throw elbows, throw people, or listen into the Bulls huddle stealing plays a la Bill Belicheck. Just a good hard foul that lands Rondo on his behind. Rondo you better highly consider taking your ugly-ass jumpshots all night, because if you try to enter the lane, the Bulls will be waiting!

If heinrich was smart he would have moved into the elbow, getting rondo both ejected and suspended.

I love to see Chicago fans whining and complaining about the opposing point guard being dirty and too tough on their poor little Kirk Hinrich. Give me a break. This is professional basketball. They called a foul, move on and stop trying to make this out to be more than it is. After Saturday night's loss, you're all gonna have to start complaining about the Canucks.

Hienerich started it so he got what he deseverd . Rondo should not be suspended

if rondo had deserves to be suspended, i am certian the nba would have done so. so get over youself chicago. I expected more from you than to bash one of the game's truly elite guards in what was obviously a accident.

After extensive review by the NBA they said that because there was no windup and no follow through the call stands as is.

It is clear that Hinrich was trying to push Rondo into the stands and Rondo swung him there instead. Then Rondo backed off while Hinrich came after him clearly on the attack elbowing Rondo in the throat. Rondo kept backing away. But Bulls fans want blood. It's just a game people!

Rondo has at least 3 incidents in this playoffs that show that he is a dirty player and should've been suspended for each one but wasn't. #1 he clearly comes from behind and rakes Brad Miller in the face on a break away lay up attempt. Whether he was going for the ball(which obviously he wasn't) or not it should have been a flagrant foul and he should have been ejected. Undercutting or hitting a player(with malicious intent) when going up for a dunk or lay up is very dirty and dangerous. #2 Hinrich goes for an open lay up and Dirty Rondo sticks his knee out and trips him purposely causing him to hit his hit so hard on the floor it splits his brow open. #3 he grabs Hinrich and flings him into the stands. That's 3 dangerous dirty plays(2 drew blood). Which maybe worse is Doc Rivers encouraged and praised Dirty Rondo calling them hard playoff fouls. Rondo should be suspended and fined as well as Rivers. David Stearn clearly has a double standard it's probably money related. This playoff series has turned into let's see what Dirty Rondo gets away with next or how far will chicago let it go before retaliating since Rondo has a free pass to injure and foul with no penalties.

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