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Report: LeBron James to receive NBA MVP, Kia

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lebrontravel.jpgThe Cleveland Cavaliers have never had a player win the NBA's Most Valuable Player award, but according to sources who get paid to know this type of stuff, that will all change later today.

According to a league source, LeBron James will be named the NBA Most Valuable Player this afternoon.

James has chosen to have the announcement at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron. All his Cavs teammates are expected to be there as well as representatives from Kia, which will give him a new car as part of the honor.

What does LeBron James want with a Kia, anyway?

Also of note: The Cleveland Plain Dealer's ever-so hilarious biblical pun.

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Is this the same man who yell at his mother at a game on TV?, or is this the same man who don't like his coach and talking about going to New York nex year? Who by the way just got coach of the year, are we giving a MVP to that typ of a person. Thats why I say NBA don't do anything but show off.....and pat one another on the back.....and run people over with they cars and start shooting in clubs over VIP seats...

Hope ur kidding LLOYD...Lebron is the King of basketball. The man has lived up to all of the hype and more plus has been a class act throughout it all. Take a look around the league and tell me a player with a better reputation and set of skills and I will stand corrected but that day will never come. Stop hating and just become a WITNESS!!!

If you knew anything, Lebron's mom is basically a crackhead, anyone would yell at her. Lebron is not a thug, you obviously don't know anything he does. He has given away loads of money to Akron parks, and kids. He does the bike-a-thon every year. Don't talk about him if you don't know him.

It's obvious Al and RTF are from Ohio. Only locals would have their eyes closed as to who the real MVP is, Kobe Bryant. Kobe has played with a dislocated finger all season, played in the toughest conference in the league and dominated Lebron both times they met this year. Lebron was so impressed with Kobe during the Olympics that he even started to work out like him to improve his game. I'm not hating on Lebron and I agree he is good and nice guy but the fact is that Kobe played against tougher teams than the three legged pony race in the east.

ei lloyd, may i just ask u if u know the reason y lj yelled at his mom?if u dnt know it just kip ur mouth shot

wow lebron is the king of basketball he has done so much for his hometown and community why dont you read his auto biography

Thats what im talkin bout he tha best to be real better than Michael Jordan at this point.

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