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PGA golfer Briny Baird won you a chicken lettuce wrap

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Briny_Baird_pf_changs.JPGNo trip to P.F. Chang's is complete without trying their signature chicken lettuce wrap. And thanks to PGA golfer Briny Baird, this delectable appetizer can be yours -- absolutely free.

So, how did he do it? How did Briny Baird, pride of Valdosta State University, win a lettuce wrap (with purchase of entree) from PF Chang's for every 18-and-over man and woman in the United States with a valid e-mail address?

The same way any rational person wins free food for Americans -- by hitting golf balls off the top of a hotel onto the outfield of San Diego Padres' Petco Park.

From the San-Diego Union Tribune:
"P.F. Chang's sponsored the event, the proceeds going to the San Diego Navy/ Marine Corps Relief Society. Here's how it worked. If Baird hit the center of the bull's-eye with any of his 10 tries, Americans were to receive a free wrap (with entree order) and the society would gather $2,000. The inner ring meant $1,000 per ball, the outer ring $500 per ball.

"Well, Baird hit into the center circle twice and scored on eight of his 10 shots, meaning he earned $17,500 for charity. The restaurant chain upped it to $25,000."

But the real question in all of this is whether PF Chang's will actually honor the coupon. You'll recall a couple weeks ago KFC teamed up with Oprah Winfrey in offering America a free grilled chicken meal -- not realizing that individual chains would refuse to accept the coupon. Chicken lovers everywhere cried fowl.

And perhaps we could encourage a similar event here at Wrigley. How about we get John Daly to climb a rooftop and launch some golf balls toward home plate with the reward of a free trip to the Horseshoe Casino buffet? Feel free to offer your suggestions in the comments section below.

To get your free lettuce wrap coupon, click here. I got mine!


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Sun-Times said 'free' lettuce wrap...It's not free....

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