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Not funny: Cardinals fan sports 'Zambrano mows my lawn' T-shirt

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zambrano-mows-my-lawn.jpg(Photo from JoeSportsFan)

For further proof that a few morons can besmirch the reputation of thousands of fellow fans of a particular team, we turn to St. Louis.

The JoeSportsFan blog today published a series of fan photos from last month's Cubs/Cardinals weekend series in St. Louis.  Depicted on one of the T-shirts is the silhouette of what appears to be a person in a sombrero mowing a lawn with the caption: "Zambrano Mows My Lawn."
It's nearly impossible to curb the sale of any T-shirt being hawked in the general vicinity of a ballpark. But the fact that someone actaully made this shirt, and that someone else actually traded money for it is baffling.

Cub fans haven't been entirely innocent in the realm of inappropriate T-shirt sales. You'll recall last year's tasteless "Horry Kow" shirts whose arrival corresponded with that of Kosuke Fukudome.

As embarrassingly racist as these T-shirts are, it would be just as ignorant to make the assumption that this type of behavior is typical of the fans of the St. Louis Cardinals. Having graduated from the University of Missouri with thousands of St. Louisians, I can tell you that I've known the vast majority of them to be good, tolerant people with solid midwestern values. Most would correctly agree with Chicagoans who find the T-shirt -- and its owner -- despicable.

So to fellow Cubs fans, I would warn against making the assumption that this is somehow indicative of the mindset of an entire population of fans. Just as the "Horry Kow" shirts don't reflect the overarching mindset of Cubdom.  

Still, for extreme fans of either team this will only fuel the fire. And this, in turn, will only lead to more drunken taunts, fights, kerfuffling and general unfriendliness surrounding games played by these teams.

But in the end, this does not reflect poorly on an entire population of Cardinals fans. It only reflects poorly on the idiots who are so ignorant that they have no problem wearing their ignorance proudly on their chest. He's actually doing others around him a service by effectively telling them "I'm not worth talking to."

Not to mention the fact that Carlos Zambrano mows no one's lawn -- especially not with a hurt hammy.

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"Zambrano Mows My Lawn" T-Shirt [JoeSportsFan]

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Ann Arbor is a Wh*r*!

But seriously...

this is RIDICULOUS. I almost can't believe it.

Arent there Latino Players on the Cards? Shouldnt they be outraged?

and on Cinco de Mayo no less....

That is hilarious! Where can I buy one?

To show you how dumb these dirt bags are, they didnt even get their stereotypes accurate: Zambrano is from Venezuela in South America, not Mexico ... They don't wear sombreros in Venezuela.

as much as I hated reading this article... the more we as an American society have to cater to the Mexican culture, i.e. press 1 for english; or bi-lingual lables on bottles, you will see more of a back lash against this sort of stuff. You don't see other countries doing it. I am not condoning it, but we have gotten sooo touchy on too many light subjects that things get blown out of proportion.. Like the way this article read... I wonder if the author is liberal.. ok no I am not wondering i just know :)

Let me run into one of these clowns here in chicago, i guarantee you it wont be worn in the Wrigley Field Bleachers. And for those that do have it, you'll see how funny it is when you come down to Chicago and wear stupid shirts like that...

That's as bad as the stupid vendors around Wrigley selling shirts saying "Cardinals take it in the Pujols". lots of idiot fans out there regardless of the team.

Some of our Ozarkian friends should be reminded that Z is Venezuelan.

For the record... in Venezuela, they do wear sombrero, as is almost typical of any central and south american country (not all of them...) St. Louis fans are just ignorant rednecks... they don't know what else is outside St. Louis...
And for the dude that said that this is funny. You can get one of the shirts in your sister home cause I was mowing her lawn last nite...

Horry Cow!!!! Last years Cubs version of an insensitive ethnic T shirt. Both are in bad taste.

Who's a joke. People need to lighten up. How many times have The Simpsons or Family Guy made fun of various nationalities??? My Italian heritage has been blasted on by those shows...You know what I thought--it was funny. People need to stop taking themselves so seriously.

"Watch out for the greaseball"

"Why you maka funna Luigi, I bringa you free pizzas" That is funny.

It’s really sad to see that we have gotten so "intolerant" of jokes, and casual banter. Racism is bad, no argument. But there is a fine line of "jokes" and downright mean spirited slander. I've said this before.. The downfall of this country will not be the terrorists; it will be us, our own self-inflicted shame. We have let other countries and other cultures tell us how horrible of a country we are and forget to take into account of their own misguided doings, and horrible things that occurred in the past.

Nate, you wrote,
"To show you how dumb these dirt bags are, they didnt even get their stereotypes accurate: Zambrano is from Venezuela in South America, not Mexico ... They don't wear sombreros in Venezuela. "

Have you been to Mexico lately? They don't all wear sombreros, nor do all people who mow lawns hail from Mexico. I'm Mexican and have never mowed a lawn in my life. Care to do mine sometime?

This is a bunch of CRAP I cannot tell you how many tshirts I have seen that makes fun of the Cardinals just off the top of my head "Cardinals fans take it in the Pujols" that is disrespectful on so many levels. grow up people

Honestly these are the same people who actually listen to rusch limbaugh. It's time to discount redneck America for what they are and that's nothing.

Very simple.

Someone quickly make a

"Pujols cleans my pool" T-shirt.

Stop being so technical.
Mexico, Venezuela. Dominican Republic...

"Cub fans haven't been entirely innocent in the realm of inappropriate T-shirt sales."

That is really soft-pedaling that statement. I have seen and heard some of the most vulgar things in my life in and around Wrigley Field. That includes t-shirts that make the "Horry Kow" or the Pujols varieties sound like child's play.

Moreover, it is well-known that Wrigley Field is the most racially hostile playing environment of any MLB stadium. Even just one or two of the things I have heard directed at Jacque Jones over the years, in public, at full screaming volume, would have made Jackie Robinson turn over in his grave. This was not in the 1950s, needless to say. This was in the 21st century.

This whole flap is really the pot calling the kettle black. No Cubs fan has a leg to stand on here.

Isn't the difference that this t-shirt is being worn by a cards fan making fun of a rival team member whereas the Horry Kow one was making fun of the player on the home team??

Sports fans in America, and certainly here in Chicago, are very racist. Chicago is a very racist city. After all, we still embrace and encourage segregation within our neighborhoods.

You can read my entire diatribe on this matter on my page at the Stonecipher Report:

Really, this is nothing new for us.

What are Cub fans talking about they do this all the time. Not one of those guys in the bleachers should say a word. LaTroy Hawkins, Corey Patterson and Jacque Jones all were taunted by racist Cub fans. Anyway whoever invented this shirt needs to be thrown in jail.

Everyone here forgets one big thing about Cardinal fans.. They love to hate the Cubs more than they like their own team. I see it everyday with ridiculous Cardinal fans and their t-shirts with anti-cub more than pro-cardinal. Especially at a Cubs-Cards game. I know so many Cards fans that admit they have more anti-cubs shirts than their cardinal apparel its sickening. Worry about your own team, not hating anothers. Case in point.. the year after the Cardinals win the series.. The night the Cards are getting their rings, I saw more anti-Cubs posters than Cardinals posters in the stands. The Cards were playing the Mets. It is a sickness in this city that they would rather make fun of the Cubs than care about their own team. Cardinal Fans need to grow up. I don't own one single anti-Cards shirt. Cause I don't care about them enough to do so. My team is the Cubs.. so I only wear Cubs stuff. Cardainal fans are a joke when they are called the best fans. If they were the best fans, they'd choose their own team apparel over anti-Cubs apparel!!

Give me a break..... What is the problem with a little ethnic humor, for God's sake....Is everyone so politically correct that you can't even laugh at yourself....Why is it okay to call white people crackers yet you get upset with a t-shirt... LIVE LOVE LAUGH...Let's all have a sense of humor and have a good time already... The best thing about baseball is the Cards/Cubs rival bar none...Let's all have a good time and NOT get so bent out of shape over humor...GEEZ PEOPLE

Don't ever lose your sense of humor!!!! Lighten up Mr. Allen.
There are too many people in this country that get offended over the smallest things. Get over it. I am Polish and I have heard it all growing up. Learn to laugh, especially at yourself.

Only Cubs fans would be upset by this. Maybe if they paid more attention to what happens on the field instead of what T-shirts other teams fans wore they could actually win something. This isn't even close to the most offensive shirt I have seen. I have a shirt that says Cuck the Fubs and on the back has a giant Cardinal giving it to a Cub from behind. It is all in fun, get over it.

Its totally insensitive. Making fun of the Cubs or Cub fans is like making fun of the menatlly ill - not funny. The Cubs haven't won anything in 100+ years while the Cards have won 10 world championships. Empathy or perhaps even pity is the correct reaction. Perhaps a sad bear or sad clown shirt would be entirely more appropriate.

Nothing in any of these comments can actually be proven, it's all just a lot of abstract thoughts. Southerners are racists, Cards fans are racists, Wrigley is known to be the most racist ballpark. Really? I missed that official GAO study of racism at Wrigley Field. One article from Gordon Wittenmeyer and suddenly Wrigley Field is a de facto daily Klan meeting? No one knows how many racial taunts players receive at other ballparks, no one knows how many racist letters Dusty Baker received in San Fran, or how many he receivers in Cincy. No one mentions that Torii Hunter said he didn't want to play at Wrigley because of the brick wall that would prevent many of the acrobatic catches he's known for.

TBoone, if it were funny its one thing, but there nothing even remotely amusing about it- theres no joke there. Theres no play on words, no dumb little rhyme, nothing, just a sterotype. They can at least be creative if they are going to be ignorant.

I got a shirt that says "Cardinals take it in their Pujols" NOW THATS FUNNY!!!

i like how all the cub fans are offended when Wrigley is one of the most racists ball parks around. get over yourself cub fans stop getting mad cause you haven't won a world series in 101 years

I don't like either the cards or cubs but that shirt is funny. Its a rival people if thats the worse they go be happy. It only becomes offensive when the people on the other side want to make it offensive. I just see it as a funny shirt of a rival team.


Its NOT OK to call white people crackers...

Call me a cracker and weez some fightin mother blankers...

and where did that term originate anyways? Is it because of the color of a cracker, or because only white people eat crackers?

I do love crackers though. I cant eat soup without um.

to the people saying its inescapable backlash because they have to "press 1 for english" ... you're idiots.

you're beloved american brands and companies are doing this. it has nothing to do with YOU or white america being forced to deal with anything.

spanish speaking people are a HUGE market in this country, and therefore they are accomodated.

if a 15 millioin people of ANY language, from ANYWHERE show up in the US, and want to spend their money, you can be 100% certain the companies will cater to them too.

OR... you can delude yourself into thinking that since it was all white first, it should stay all white. if white people were more worried about competing in school and succeeding in business and less worried about gay marriage, jesus and mexicans... maybe you'd have a bigger market share. keep up the ignorance and you'll be pressing 1 for spanish, 2 for chinese, 3 for hindi and 4 for english.

I think the shirt is really funny and I have bought about 10 shirts off the guy who makes these shirts. He has a bunch that are great. One shirt has a picture of a cubs fan in bed with his lady and it says, "What does a cubs fan in bed and mike shannon have in common? They both scream get up baby get up."

Grow some balls cubs fans, you sound like a bunch of babies crying. It's not our fault you haven't won in a century.

Sports fans in America, and certainly here in Chicago, are very racist. Chicago is a very racist city. After all, we still embrace and encourage segregation within our neighborhoods.Only Cubs fans would be upset by this. Maybe if they paid more attention to what happens on the field instead of what T-shirts other teams fans wore they could actually win something.

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