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NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield fails drug test

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jeremy-mayfield-drug-test.JPGAnother day, another story of an athlete failing a drug test.

This time, it's NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield, who has has been suspended indefinitely after failing a random test.

The Associated Press is reporting that NASCAR spokesman Jim Hunter would not reveal the banned drug in question but did say it was not an alcohol-related offense.

Mayfield becomes the first driver suspended under the circuit's new substance abuse policy, which was put in place this season.

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Mayfield getting suspended is a GOOD thing. Now let's get him suspended for GOOD.

Everyone who cares should check out my online petition here and let your voice be heard:

Also pretty pathetic of NASCAR to not even mention what substance it was.

Go figure. Every other sport has a screw-up. Here's the Cup's poster child.

It doesn't surprise me much these days, when I hear about an athlete abusing banned substances. Drugs are a big issue, and this is a good part of the reason America's youth is turning to drugs. These big names, like Jeremy Mayfield and Manny Ramirez, are role models to our kids, and it has to stop!

Whoa. Petitions to get him banned for good? We do not know what the substance is and he has not had his chance to appeal. Before we burn him at the stake give him a chance to state his case. Also, he is not the first to be suspended. There have been at least 2 more drivers I can think of and one of them ( Kevin Grubb ) killed himself this week.

What a dummy. Do you know how many people would love to do what you do for a living. My god man. The money you make driving is unbelievable. I'll take your job anyday. You messed up man. Now you have to live with it.I just hope you can drive again soon. STAY OFF THE DRUGS. You had it made.......

Give the guy a break and at least let him explain himself.If nascar is going to play god, let us J.M. fans know what is was he had taken to come up with a positive test. You are ruining a racers career, and reputation.Would it not be embarrasing if it were an honest mistake, and if so ,what is nascar going to do J.M.

My first reaction is to give Jeremy a chance to respond. Then the silence is deafening. Is that THE Rick Hendrix? does he know something we don't know? Anyways lets wait and realize if the accusations are proven, then Jeremy needs help. First with his judgement to endanger others by driving with drugs in his system and then with his problem.

Yeah drug test was a result of medication, and it was prescribed always by a doctor. for some drug test you can browse this site.

By the way it is still a breaking news for an athlete who failed a drug test, may a luck be with them always. LOL


I'm not going to buy into the whole "ban him for life" idea.. I feel as though a NASCAR driver would have little to gain from the use of drugs, so its not like he could possibly get a leg up on the competition. It was not alcohol-related, so unless it was a type of drug that could have impaired his driving with others' lives at stake, I don't see the point in banning him for life. If he was driving at the high speeds of a NASCAR race while he was high as a kite, then I say yes, then you can talk about a lifelong ban because he could have killed someone (another driver, a fan, crew member). If he was doing steroids, just happened to have THC or whatever else in his system but wasn't being influenced at the time of the crash, let the long arm of the law decide what to do... it is not NASCAR's place to ban someone for life (or even short term in my opinion) based on what he puts into his body away from the track. Let the authorities do their job, and don't play God with a person's personal life and career.


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