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Mark Sanchez is so ready for his GQ close-up

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Thumbnail image for mark-sanchez-gq.jpgIt's really good to be Mark Sanchez right now.

The 22-year-old first-round pick of the New York Jets is headed to the nation's biggest market to play the most glamorized position in sports.

He's good looking, well-spoken and pretty charismatic. Hey, someone should try to market this --

Sanchez appears in a retro-themed photo spread for GQ magazine with supermodel Hilary Rhoda. And while some of the pictures in the photo gallery might get him some hazing from his new teammates, it's a small price to pay for boosting your Q rating.

Built for the Beach    (GQ)

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He is absolutely gorgeus! We knew this was coming :)

Gotta love Mark Sanchez. Hes a total hottie! Cant wait to go buy my copy!

Hey ladies did he tell you that he was charged with Sexual Assult while at USC? So don't mind his ankle bling.....

i was surprised by the $44 dollar t-shirt until i saw the $390 wife-beater. his face looks squished, like a newborn baby.

Sanchez was NOT charged with sexual assault. Those were false accusations and there was no evidence.

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