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Jordan Wiener, son of swine flu victim in NYC, throws no-hitter

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jordan-wiener-mitchell-wiener-swine-flu.jpgJordan Wiener was pitching with a purpose when he threw a no-hitter for his Queens prep school Thursday night. His father, Mitchell, had passed away on Sunday -- becoming New York City's first swine flu fatality.

"I came out and won today for my father," Jordan said, according to "Whenever I got flustered, I cleared my mind of every negative thought, and I just pitched to the best of my abilities. I know he wanted me to play today and I pitched the game of my life for him."

The senior left-hander's 14 strikeouts came in just five innings, as league rules mandate a game ends when a team is ahead by 10 runs or more after five innings. Only a passed ball during one of his strikeouts prevented Wiener from throwing a perfect game.

Jordan's father had served as an assistant principal for 30 years before his death.

The young left-hander has a promising future. He's used his 6-foot-6 frame to pile up a 6-0 record and paltry 0.68 ERA this season and hopes to play college baseball in his hometown.

Son of swine flu victim tosses no-hitter     (MLB)

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jordan who? im the tank!!!!


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