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Hey, remember this guy? Alex Rodriguez hits home run in first at-bat

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alex-rodriguez-home-run-return.jpgAlex Rodriguez cracked a home run in his first at-bat of the season during the Yankees' 4-0 win over Baltimore.

The recently embattled third baseman teed off on the first pitch for a three-run shot into the left-field seats.

A-Rod owes a tremendous debt to Manny Ramirez, who has stolen enough negative media attention away from Rodriguez that many forgot it was even happening.

And by many, I mean me. I forgot.

It's just that it's been Manny this, Manny that for a day and a half.
With one swing of the bat Rodriguez seemingly washed away what has been a tumultuous couple of months. Right or wrong, it's pretty much the truth. At least in the very, very short term.

The only people who would get behind this guy are Yankees fans, and in the major leagues the bottom line is production. He's always going to get the worst of the opposing crowds, but A-Rod's biggest battle -- besides himself -- is ingratiating himself to the Yank faithful.

And he got off to a hell of a start tonight. If it will last is another matter altogether.

Rodriguez Hits the Ground Swinging     (New York Times)

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