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Video: Detroit Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson makes catch of the year -- or was Reed Johnson's play better?

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curtis-granderson-catch-indians.JPGDetroit Tigers center fielder and Blue Island native Curtis Granderson snatched victory from the jaws of defeat last night in Cleveland when he made a jaw-dropping catch on what looked to be a game-winning two-run homer off the bat of Indians' golden boy Grady Sizemore.

Even more entertaining than the spectacular catch was the call by play-by-play man Matt Underwood Al Pawlowski, who underwent a very public roller coaster of emotions in the span of about four seconds.

That's Excitement --> Jubilation ---> Euphoria --> Disbelief --> Sheepishness if you're scoring at home.

People are already calling it the play of the year, but a handful of Cub fans in the newsroom disagree. They point to the epic grand-slam-saving grab made by Reed Johnson earlier in the season in Milwaukee.
To refresh your memory, here is that defensive masterpiece.

Reed Johnson Makes An Amazing Catch On Prince Fielder - Funny home videos are a click away

So, which catch was better? I'd say that Johnson's was a more impressive athletic feat, but the dire nature of Granderson's grab catapults it past Johnson's gem.

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That was actually Al Pawlowski calling that game, not Matt Underwood.

FYI, the Indians' play-by-play announcer this weekend was Al Pawlowski, not Matt Underwood, so the newbie Pawlowski looked like the flip-flopping fool here...

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