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Citi Field streaker defiles stuffed animal

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new-york-mets-streaker.jpgI don't know why this is, but despite having attended only around 100 major league baseball games in my lifetime, I've been at three different games where streakers ran onto the field. Each time is equal parts hilarious, horrific and a reminder that patrons need to keep their drinking in check.

The New York Mets' costly new stadium, Citi Field, was christened with its first scantily-clad running enthusiast last night. A big night for any young ballpark.

The nearly-naked doofus dashed from the first-base seats and slid into second with "Let's Go Mets" painted on his back and wearing only a stuffed animal wrapped like a thong around the middle of his strike zone for modesty.

As security guards came after the 29-year-old Queens man and more than 39,000 fans whooped and hollered, he got up with a raspberry flourishing on his right buttock, adjusted his stuffed animal and ran into center field.

The performance ended badly when he fell and the guards dragged him away through a tunnel on the third-base side.

Under what dire set of circumstances would you streak at a professional baseball game? Avoiding a mob hit and a lifetime supply of free Taco Bell are two reasonable scenarios that immediately come to my mind.

Mets get their first Citi Field streaker     (New York Daily News)

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