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'Chelsea Dagger' takes its place in Blackhawks lore -- are you OK with this?

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Chicago Blackhawks fans may be among the few Americans these days who don't immediately think of Amstel Light whenever The Fratellis' "Chelsea Dagger" plays.

The song -- which blasts over the loudspeakers after every Blackhawk goal (with the exception of those scored by Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane or Patrick Sharp) -- is one of the many additions to the increasingly exciting atmosphere surrounding Blackhawks games at the United Center this season.
blackhawks_fans_chelsea_dagger.JPGThe Scorpions' 1984 hit "Rock You Like a Hurricane" plays whenver Patrick Kane scores, while Toews celebrates to the tune of "Johnny B. Good" by Chuck Berry and Sharp to ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man."

But the immediately recognizable hook of "Chelsea Dagger" -- with its successive, bouncy 'da da das' -- has been especially prevalent during this historic playoff run.

The Hawks aren't the first franchise to adopt The Fratellis 2006 hit as the soundtrack to their post-goal romp. It's also become a favorite at European football and ruby stadiums before and during games.

While certainly catchy and infectious, "Chelsea Dagger" has gotten mixed reviews from Hawks fans this season. Some love it, and can't wait to shout it with glee. Others, perhaps hockey purists or Amstel Light detractors, have a far different opinion.

What do you think, Blackhawks fans? Have you given in to the power of "Chelsea Dagger" or is there another song out there that you'd prefer to hear whenever a Blackhawk lights the lamp?


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What kind of prop bet should we set up if the Red Wings play the Blackhawks?

My high school (OPRF) played the fight song over the loudspeakers at the end of the day every Friday as we headed home for the weekend.

Whether you liked the song or not, hearing it meant good things. I think the song has plenty of fans after the Canucks series.

I've been a Hawks fan since the beginning of time... or 1981, which ever came first. I am a HUGE fan of Chelsea Dagger!!

I love the song

I understand there might be an older generation that liked hockey the way it was in the past with many traditions (outside of celebrating a goal) that should remain in hockey and never changed, b/c that is what makes hockey so great.

However, Chelsea Dagger is easy to sing along too, gets the crowd unified behind one common theme - enjoying the moment of what you just saw and celebrating the goal. Plus it give the fans energy and fired up... hopefully feeding the players.

It is just a happy, good feeling song that make the fans excited.

And when you have 22,000 plus screaming and jumping around in the UC singing that song there is nothing like it.

That is why it is called The Madhouse on Madison again!


I think the song stinks. For lack of something better, how about 'Sweet Home Chicago'?

Sweet Home Chicago? No way, terribly overdone.

Chelsea Dagger, a new tune to usher in a new era for the Mighty Blackhawks!

It sure beats the Luna Carpet jingle after doubles at the Friendly Confines.

wow.. "sweet home chicago?" are you kidding me? aren't we all sick of hearing that song? so painfully cliche. that 'chelsea dagger' chorus is just about perfect for post goal celebrations. no lyrics - just goofy go crazy kinda nonsense.

for such a great city, we have some of the lamest songs (sweet home), celebrities (jim belushi), and pop culture (blues brothers) tied to us. please no "sweet home chicago."

I love the song-its upbeat and fun and fits this young team and its fans! I LOVE the TESTIFY before the games too!!

Blues Brothers is lame? That movie is great...but Chelsea Dagger...just not a fan of the song. I'm not an old guy either, I'm in my mid 20s, but I can't stand this song. That being said, I can't think of a better song. In general, the kind of songs you hear in sports arenas (aka Arena Rock) generally suck when they're heard outside of an arena. Arena Rock songs are so painfully, glaring obvious in their sound and lyrics because they have to be.

I loved Chelsea Dagger before the Blackhawks adopted it. I've had it as my ringtone for over a year. Its the perfect goal celebration song. Its got upbeat, its fun, its crazy. Goal celebrations are supposed to be fun and crazy. Besides, the Cubs have the most awful victory song that the Blackhawks need to make up for it. Maybe if (when) the Hawks bring the Cup to Chicago, The Fratellis will be invited for the victory celebration. Go Hawks!

compared to that "here come the hawks, the mighty blackhawks" song and the "white sox, white sox, go go white sox" song, that "most awful victory song" the cubs play is "stairway to heaven."

Tell ya what, I wasn't the biggest fan of the song until I attended one of the home playoff games. After a score I couldn't believe the excitement. It was truly an awesome felling. One I will not soon forget !

I love the song!!!!!!!
It fits!!!!!!!!

It's getting REALLY old. It should have been rotated out about mid-season. If it wasn't a commercial that I have to hear every other commercial break, I might be ok with it.

I like it but only for this season. Pick something else next year.

You guys must be Cubs fans. I remeber when in 2005 after the White Sox won tha championship "Sweet Home Chicago " played and it was a great time. The fans were really into it and even some friends of mine here in Atlanta, got into the act, classic Chicago tune.

its perfect....personifies the feeling at the u.c.!!keep it!!

i LOVE that song first time i heard it i went right to itunes and bought it.

yeah some people hate it but thats them. i hope that hawks keep it.

lets win the cup!

I LOVE IT....ITS MY RINGTONE...AND I CAN'T GET ENOUGH...GO HAWKS...its better than any of the other songs goin on in chicago, sans bear down chicago bears

Ok. You dont want to hear Sweet Home Chicago. I can live with that. I would love to hear CD 20 times a night after a goal but like Jim says you see it all night as a commercial. They need something new.

Ok. You dont want to hear Sweet Home Chicago. I can live with that.I could listen to CD 20 times a night after a goal, but like Jim says you hear it as a commercial all night long. We need something new.

videos nice songs ok but i much rather skip the song and let the bull horn sound every time.GO HAWKS!

Great and fun song. Could never get sick of it. I don't know why those guys want to get rid of this fun song. Maybe they should get rid Go Cubs Go after every Cubs win. One last thing get rid of those W flags in the UC those ugly things do not belong there.

Why - with the exception of those scored by Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane or Patrick Sharp? Is it their age?

How about "Hot Blooded" by Foreigner or something by Styx? Dennis DeYoung is from Chicago. Maybe he can drop the first puck at one of the games??

Chelsea Dagger is an amazing song for the Blackhawks. It is catchy and fun. It pumps everyone up when it's played after a goal is scored. I love hearing it and I want it to stay!

Chelsea Dagger stole that Da da da from the Dick Van Dyke Show. Same thing except a different tempo. You'll hear it right away.

I think this song appeared in an old Dick VanDyke episode where Rob, Laura and his friends sang the doot doot da doot for a show they were putting on. If you watched TV in the 60s you may remember this.

I think this song appeared in an old Dick VanDyke episode where Rob, Laura and his friends sang the doot doot da doot for a show they were putting on. If you watched TV in the 60s you may remember this.

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