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Baba Booey: Gary Dell'Abate's first pitch video not suitable for baseball purists

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Gary Dell'Abate makes his living as the producer for Howard Stern's radio show.

After seeing the man known as Baba Booey's attempt at throwing a baseball on Saturday, we can see why he abandoned any dreams of making the major leagues.

Juuuuuuust a bit inside. Woefully low as well.

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LOL!!! Fa Fa Foohi was soooo nervous about this and he completely bombed!!

A. Lange, who HATES the Met, even bought a ticket to the game just so he could see G. Dell'Abate fail!!!!

He even practiced prior to this - he considered having his son throw out the first pitch... oh I just can't get over this!!! LOL!

Even High Pitch Mike could've done better!

Linda S.

Hilarious show today because of Fa Fa Foohi!!!

A. Lange said today that D. Strawberry was supposed to be in the suite with them but never showed up.

Linda S.

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