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Ain't no party like a Sean Avery party

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sean_avery_vogue.jpgAdd 'restaurateur' to the list of words we can use to describe New York Rangers Sean Avery.

The enigmatic left winger recently celebrated the opening of Warren 77 in New York's TriBeCa neighborhood, and the New York Observer was there to observe it all.

Avery, a former intern for Vogue Magazine and connoisseur of all things fashion and New York fancy, is a partner in the bar -- the details of which were divulged in this New York Times piece from March.

For those wondering, here's how you greet your guests at your bar opening if you're Sean Avery ... From

"'How do you say 'cheers' in the Jewish language?' the flashy forward asked guests at the opening of his new Tribeca bar and restaurant Warren 77 on Friday, May 15.

'L'chaim!' the crowd replied.

'There ya go,' said Mr. Avery, who further encouraged attendees to "just keep buying drinks because I didn't open a f***ing bar for nothing."

Other highlights of the party, according to the article, included an acoustic set from Rangers goalie Henrik Lundquist. Hear that, Nikolai Khabibulin? Cover songs. Acoustic guitar. No wonder they call us the Second City. 

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I am sure this place will be just as great as the effort Sean gives night in and night out for the New York Rangers! Avery! Avery! Avery! Let's Go Rangers 2010!

Good Luck!

i am SO sad that i missed the opening. can't wait to try it out!

one beutiful, loveable, crazy hockey-frog

but they will never get Shanny back at nyr or jagr-- and that's really a shame because the 3: av, jagr and shanny were the real core of nyr game.. all that other stuff was just icing on the cake. so this year, it kinda crumbled and fell apart. dubie and cally are good-- but you have to have that resistant pesky core to keep a tough team. stupid stupid management mistakes. now poor prucha is facing unknown fate-tis unfair to him, too. stupid to break up such a good team that had so much depth. So now, this is good because keeps avery busy and happy and away from boredom for a short while. Avery's too cool to be real.

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