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Is this the most optimistic moment in Chicago sports history?

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a0a65b6c20644df6bd8b20f166a882f6.jpgIt became apparent late last night after the Blackhawks completed their 3-2 comeback victory over the Calgary Flames that we're living in a Golden Era of Chicago sports.

Seldom has their been this much collective optimism coursing through the veins of Chicago sports fans. If ever there were a time to have more than a bit of pride about being a Chicago homer, this is it.

It's probably not the first time it's happened, but the Bulls, Hawks, Cubs and White Sox all ended their respective days victorious on Saturday, some in quite dramatic fashion.

The city's two baseball teams are coming off division-winning seasons and are both in positions where a repeat is plausible. The Cubs sit atop their division after fending off the Cardinals the past few days while the White Sox trail only the soon-to-collapse Kansas City Royals.

Carlos Quentin is turning into the city's next superstar on the South Side while Alfonso Soriano has delivered thus far the way Cub fans had always hoped. Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane have only been playing hockey in this city for two seasons, and already we couldn't imagine the team without them.

The baby Bulls on Saturday looked more than respectable, avoided an epic collapse and handed the defending NBA champs an exclamation point loss. It's possible that Game 1 against the Celtics was the first time this season that many casual Bulls fans saw an entire game of Derrick Rose in action. He delivered a performance sure to convert many of those casual fans back into devotees. 

And there's even reaston to be optimistic -- nay, ecstatic -- around Halas Hall with the pickup of Jay Cutler and Orlando Pace in the off season. Finally Jerry Angelo and the Bears front office seems to be truly committed to winning.

Sure, all of these teams have a long way to go before we're planning any ticker tape parades down LaSalle Street or rallies in Grant Park. But if we don't appreciate and celebrate these times while we're in the midst of them, we have absolutely no right to bemoan the bad times.

And as any true Chicago sports fans know, the bad times are always a Grossman away. 

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Congratulations Chicago!! I'm glad to see you're getting behind your team and that things are looking up for the Blackhawks after so many years. Chicago was always a great hockey town and now it's back.
HOWEVER, as a long time FLAMES fan - it's not over till it's over. See you in Calgary Monday night

All said, nothing was more optimistic than listening to Lloyd Petit on my AM radio call a rush up the ice by the Hawks in the 70's.

"And as any true Chicago sports fans know, the bad times are always a Grossman away."
LOL.....dude, that was really low. I enjoyed the whole article until it got there. Give the guy a break. He's gone....never to return. And, personally, I hope he still finds a career in Football on someone's team.
There's no need to keep kicking a man when he's down.

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