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This does not make me want to drink Gatorade

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"The Woods of Wisdom" is the newest attempt by Tiger Woods and Gatorade to schlep its Tiger brand of flavored sugar water.

The commercial pits a pint-sized Woods teeing up with what looks to be a three iron in the thickets as sundry forest-dwelling animals (including an overzealous, alliterative bear) look on. After slicing it badly and nearly injuring the onlooking critters, the bear leads Tiger to Focus Falls -- a majestic place, to be sure -- where he takes a huge sip of waterfall Gatorade and is suddenly able to bounce a golf ball on his club. Impressive, if not entirely improbable.

The talking animals inform young animated Tiger that in order to be great, he needs only concentrate on being great. And what better way to get a child to focus on something than pumping him full of Gatorade? Sugar makes kids settle down and focus, right?
Regardless, I will no doubt have the following corporate tribal chant stuck in my cranium for the rest of the day:


Thanks, Tiger.

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1 Comment

I really didn't understand this spot and ever since I saw it I've been searching online to find out more and can't find anything. Is this a new kids drink or an upcoming Disney feature?

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