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Stephen Curry going pro; how good of an NBA player will he be?

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stephen-curry-nba-draft.jpgCollege basketball phenom Stephen Curry has just announced that he will enter the NBA Draft. The sweet-shooting son of former NBA player Dell Curry averaged 28.6 points a game last season to lead the nation. Two years ago, he single handily carried the plucky Davidson Wildcats to the Elite 8.

But, how good of a pro will Curry be?

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He is not going to be a good pro. Any good defender in the NBA that is taller and quicker than he will shut him down offensively. In the games I've seen him play his defense it terrible. Purdue held him to what 2 points in the 1st and 5 in the second half of their game? I mean come on. Purdue was the 2nd place team in the Big11Ten and made the sweet 16 this season but where was Davidson?
Curry needs to learn how to make his team better rather than just how to make himself better. He is not tall enough nor quick enough to be among the elites in the NBA. He may be serviceable for a couple of seasons but I do not see a long term player in Curry.

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