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Slick-fielding Brewers fan is sunbathing girl's hero

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sunbathing.jpgI have to admit that I've watched absolutely no spring training baseball games this year, but I still feel confident that the following is the most interesting thing that has happened.

During yesterday's Brewers-Diamondbacks tilt, Corey Hart senselessly blasted a home run right at a rather attractive sunbathing girl. Luckily for one Brewers fan, the situation provided the perfect opportunity to snag a souvenir -- and perhaps a phone number.

Now, we always give anyone over the age of 12 who brings a glove to the game a hard time. But, after seeing this, the issue may need to be revisited.

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NO! NO!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! K. Koster you've done it again!!

Not only are you blogging about something dumb (again), you've completely missed an easy joke about Diamondback color analyst and ladies man M. Grace and the sunbathing girl.

Also, if you consider that girl "hot" - then you should see what this 28 year old hottie has to offer!

Linda S.


K. Koster you've done it again! Not only have you blogged about something dumb (again) but you've completely missed an easy joke tying Diamondback color analyst and well known ladies man M. Grace to the sunbather.

If you consider that girl "hot", then you should check out this 28 year old hottie!!

Linda S.

This was so important she had to send it twice.

whatever Koster, i wanna see what that hot 28 year old hottie has to offer. show the goods honey, dont be greedy.

It was that purse that got in my way...Go Brewers!


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