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Selena Roberts' book about Alex Rodriguez alleges some pretty nasty stuff

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alex-rod.jpgSome excerpts of Selena Roberts' upcoming book about Alex Rodriguez' steroid use suggest that the New York Yankees third baseman began using the substance in high school-- and some other pretty compelling stuff.

Rodriguez put on 25 pounds of muscle between his sophomore and junior years, and word was that his connection was a dog kennel owner.

A former high school teammate told Roberts the future No.1 MLB draft pick was on steroids and his coach knew it.

Another student said the son of coach Rich Hofman admitted he saw Rodriguez use steroids.

Hofman said it was news to him. "Whatever he was doing, he was doing it somewhere else," he said.

Roberts also claims A-Rod was the recipient of a rather unfortunate nickname as a result of his use and the subsequent effect on his body.
[Roberts] reveals fellow Bombers nicknamed the third baseman "B---h T--s" in 2005.

That was after he put on 15 pounds in the off-season and seemed to develop round pectorals, a condition called gynecomastia that can be caused by anabolic steroids, she writes.

But perhaps most troubling to baseball purists and anyone whose called him a teammate is this little gem.

In one shocking disclosure, the book accuses A-Rod of "pitch tipping" when he was with the Rangers - letting a friendly opponent at the plate know which pitch was coming in lopsided games.

Rodriguez expected players he helped would do the same for him when he was having an off night and needed to get his batting average up and it wouldn't affect the outcome of the game.

Roberts' book comes out May 12.

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Why is she trying to bring A-Rod down? How would she like it if someone was trying to tear her life apart? I hope she's happy with herself.

As far as pitch tipping and the "purity of the game," spare me. The game has NEVER been pure. I recall reading the book 'The Glory of Their Times," about the pro baseball in the late 19th and early 20th century and there was a bit about how Walter Johnson would tip pitches to a player on the opposing team through his catcher. That kind of thing has been going on forever.

What does Selena know about A rod...I mean come on. Everyone cheated its time to move on and purify the game for the future because the only thing coming out of this is another month for sportscenter to report on something...spare us all the time and show some sports and what the players are doing on the field. Unless I see video proof on him tipping pitches, I cant see A Rod wanting to do that, but if anywhere Texas would be the place because they lost a lot of games.

This book is just a bunch of nonsense.

Anonymous Yankees saw A-Rod and Kevin Brown with HGH.

Anonymous Texas Rangers THOUGHT A-Rod was tipping pitches.

This morning on the Today Show, Selena Roberts said that a former high school classmate was told by Hofman's son that he saw A-Rod doing steroids. In an interview, the coach said he was with A-Rod nearly 20 hours a day and never saw him take anything. Doug Mentkiewitz was A-Rod's high school teammate and said the same thing.

I guess anybody can write a book with a lot of "ifs" and "maybes" and "though I saws" in it, but how is this informative. If anyone buys it, he or she is nuts.

alex is a good player he never needed steroids

selena u stink even if he was taking steroids which hes not hes doing just as good without them and stop making lies up and there is no maybes u have to give us a fact or else its not real

u dont have proof so in my book he never took steroids alright and stop trashing his life for no reason without proof

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