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Playoff beards? Here come the Hawks

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hawks.JPG Playoff beards. That time-honored (and documented) hockey tradition of growing out one's facial hair for the playoffs.

With a 3-1 victory over the Nashville Predators Friday night at the United Center, the Hawks clinched their first playoff berth since the 2001-02 season and that coveted break from shaving.
So not only do we get see if Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews -- the new fresh faces of the championship-deprived franchise -- can lead the Hawks on an extended postseason run. But we also get to see if those faces can churn out some hair.

It's not a proven science that having the fullest beards means you are the best team. There also is no prerequisite that you have to be hairy in order to hoist the Stanley Cup.

Still, that hasn't stopped some recent champions -- or really anyone else for that matter -- from growing it out.

Detroit Red Wings (2007-2008)


Anaheim Ducks (2006-2007)


Carolina Hurricanes (2005-2006)

t1_commodore_all.jpgShould Hawks fans be concerned that two of their team's best players may only have peach fuzz after a week of attempted growth?

No, but it should be fun to watch. (Some fans already are on the team's message board).

And at least Kane and Toews won't be alone. See Sidney.


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1 Comment

There is a restaurant in the city that is giving away a free order of "big buff buffalo wings" to anyone who makes a donation to their teams beard a thon campaign. They also have a hat trick special that includes a "Patrick Sharp Cheddar Chili burger", a "Sam Adam Burish burger" (fiery pepper-jack and sam adams braised onions)and a "coach Q burger"(bbq, smoked brisket and cheddar cheeese) all with fries and a miller lite for 10 bucks. The place is called jake melnick's corner tap on wabash and superior. GO HAWKS!!!

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