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Milwaukee Brewers give Detroit Tigers Jason Tyner in exchange for ...???

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jason-tyner-trade.jpgTo say that the Milwaukee Brewers and Detroit Tigers were involved in a trade today would technically be inaccurate.

See, it doesn't look like the Brewers got anything in exchange for minor league outfielder Jason Tyner.

Dan Lunetta, the Tigers' director of minor league operations, said the Brewers assigned Tyner's contract to the Detroit organization. It didn't appear that any cash or other players were involved in the transaction.
What am I missing here? Tyner can't be making enough to be a serious drain on the Brewers' finances, so what's the impetus for giving another team something for nothing?

Tigers acquire minor leaguer Jason Tyner from Brewers     (Detroit Free Press)

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It's my understanding that in exchange, the Brewers received them digits from Linda S.

They probably took it in custom for Tigers season tickets. Those Brewers have got to entertain visiting customers *somehow*.

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