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Matt Vasgersian's MLB Network apology

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The MLB Network ran into its second Vasgersian-related hiccup Monday night after a scary moment that involved Rockies outfielder Brad Hawpe being taken off of the field in a neck brace.

Analyst Matt Vasgersian made an awkward attempt to inject humor into the situation by remarking that one of the field workers resembled Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. Oops:

Last night, Vasgersian and the network took the gaffe in stride and made easy work of an apology that's generally getting a good reception from those who pay attention to these types of things.

What do you think? They definitely seemed to like it over at The Big Lead: "Apologies are often clunky and forced often; the delivery nervously strained. Wasn't the case here. This one seemed effortless, and the network didn't cut directly to commercial, as is sometimes the case in these situations."

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Vasgersian with help from his buddies, tried to make light of his rascist comment regarding a grounds crewman looking like Donovan McNab. He needs to get glasses if he thinks that guy looked anything like D. McNab. Or either Vasgersian thinks all blacks look alike.
Mr. I Can't Talk Unless I Give A Statistic Vasgersian. We are glad he's gone from San Diego!!!!

Actually, no. "We" are not glad he's gone from San Diego. I love the guy.

It is YOU that I wish was gone from San Diego. What racist comment did Vasgersian make?? Injecting racism where is doesn't exist is a form of racism itself. Just because he said that a black man looked like another black man does not make it racist. You surely would not have equated it to racism if he were comparing a white man to another white man. The only "racist" comment I saw on this page was yours, Barbara Swisher.

Please pull your head out of your ass.

Totally agree with Stookey here... Barbara Swisher is a good example of an alarmist, overly sensitive - politically correct, ignorant buffoon.

And btw, I thought that crewman does look a little like Donovan McNabb, and I am a black man. Am I racist?

Piss off Barbara!

I like Matt and think he's a great baseball announcer. "We" love having him in San Diego and want him here for many more years. Stookey and Debo are absolutely correct, "we" are way to sensitive these days. I'm sick of the media making issues where there shouldn't be any. I look like a cross between Mr. Kotter and Walter Matthau but would not be offended if anybody said I resemble them.

Lighten up society!

Oh I see everyone already jumped on her idiotic remark about race. If someone looks like someone else it does not mean I think all people of one color look alike. I actually can see similarities in people across races sometimes. Its not related to race whatsoever other then sometimes people of the same race have similar features. If any apology is needed it should be from Harold Reynolds for always looking awkward when there is silence to fill. And sometimes he pulls rank on whomever is on a panel with him. And whay is Harold Reynolds the Carson Daly of MLBtv?

People who think Vasgersian is a good probably think fart jokes are funny as well. Sorry, but I like my announcers to have a little professionalism and not be total clowns like good old Matty V. Good riddance.

I also miss Matt emencley the comeradry between him and mudcat made even the most dismal padre games enjoyable (and padre fans know there are alot of dismal games) there will always be a home for matt in SD

The first poster (Babs) is as guilty as Vasgersian of COMPLETELY MISSING THE POINT - which is that you should not be making jokes on live TV when a guy appears to have sustained a serious injury.

A new level of missing the point was reached when she assumed Vasgersian was apologizing for "racist" remarks, and not "inappropriate" remarks.

Actually, she said "rascist".

Can we stop the racist finger pointing already??? Moron.

The emt worker did look like McNab. That was funny to me.

Much ado about nothing.
Matt's timing for levity was certainly questionable, but the idea of it being a racist comment is absurd. A racist comment would be suggesting the EMT looks like "every black person." But suggesting that one specific black person looks like another specific black person is no different than saying Greg Maddux looks like Matthew Broderick. Which he does.

Matt Vasgersian is a douche bag. He picked me on the dating game, and then proceeded to put me down on the internet. Why? Well, because I found him completely unattractive, and then I hooked up with his friend. Matt is about as entertaining as a bag of rocks. He is a mediocre announcer, with mediocre looks. Check yourself-you need a bit of reflection.

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