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Julia Stiles a Mets fan, knows how to put a sentence together

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julia-stiles-new-york-mets.jpgI was not even aware that actress Julia Stiles was a New York Mets fan. And I certainly had no idea she could write so eloquently.

Stiles' Opening Day report from the new Citi Field in New York is one of the more entertaining pieces of celebrity journalism to come across my radar in a long time.

A small sampling:

As for the park, conceptually it is an absolute improvement, reminiscent of Ebbets Field, with stands like the old Polo Grounds. The open-air concourse allows for good views of the field, and is much less claustrophobic than Shea. The beer lines are slower because they insist on pouring it for you, but the only place you'll find a quicker ladies room is at a Rush concert -- I know from experience.
Definitely worth a read.

Making New Memories      (Wall Street Journal)

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