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OK, Jerry Angelo/You -- how will you bring Jay Cutler to Chicago?

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jay_cutler_bears_jerry_angelo.jpgLet's pretend for a moment that you're Jerry Angelo. You don't have to be the uber-conservative, yawn-inducing Bears GM that we all know and love to hate. You can be you, a long-suffering Bears fan wanting desperately to see a premiere quarterback suit up in navy and orange next season at Soldier Field.

Somehow, in a "Vice Versa"/"Like Father Like Son"/"Freaky Friday" twist of events you can inhabit Angelo's body these next couple of weeks as the Bears go after trading block enthusiast Jay Cutler. Instead of Judge Reinhold/Fred Savage, Dudley Moore/Kirk Cameron or Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsey Lohan it's You/Jerry Angelo.

OK, Jerry/You -- you've got some decisions to make. Bill Williamson of ESPN.com gives you 5-1 odds that you'll be able to land him, so you've got your work cut out for you. This ain't Madden 10 (which I'll be very excited to play if you can land Cutler, by the way -- no pressure).
1. What are you willing to give up? Brad Biggs today speculates it will take a pair of first-round draft picks and massive amounts of creativity at least.

2. How do you reconcile the fact that Cutler risks having the crybaby tag slapped on him?

3. Which Bears (if any) are off the table? Lance Briggs? Brad Maynard? Devin Hester? Matt Forte? In today's column, Greg Couch suggests "two first-round picks, Kyle Orton and Brian Urlacher."

4. If you don't land the trade (which, because you're working for the Bears, is quite possible) how do you spin it to fans? How does that affect how you'll draft? Moving mountains to get a quarterback like Cutler won't mean much if he has no one to catch his passes.

What do you think, Bears fans? If you're Jerry Angelo, what do you do? What. Do. You. Do.

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give up orton and this years first rounder. And a first and a third next year. That will get him. It's steep, but well worth it. Franchise QBS are game changers, you don't win without one.

The Bears FINALLY have that oppurtunity to get a franchise QB. Don't blow this oppurtunity Angelo!

1. I would offer our first round draft pick (#18 pick), Our 2nd round pick for the 2010 draft, Kyle Orton and Tommie Harris.

2. As far as being a crybaby goes, who cares!! The guy is a pro bowl quality QB. If you look at recent history here in Chicago, teams who have taken risks have succeeded:

* 1996- The Bulls took a chance on Dennis Rodman and proceeded to win 3 straight NBA titles.
* 2005- The White Sox took a chance on AJ Pierzynski and proceeded to win there first World Series in 88 years.
* 2009- The Cubs are giving it a shot this year with Milton Bradley, who knows what to expect, but at least thier taking a risk.

The Bears just don't take many risks and that has been there problem over the past 20+ years.

3. The only Bears I would consider 'untouchable' would be Hester, Briggs and Forte. Everyone else is expendable.

4. If Cutler is moved elsewhere, I would explain to fans, "We did make a strong push for him, but we felt they were asking for too much." "Its one thing to have a franchise QB, its another thing to have a franchise QB with no team around him."

Trade: Urlacher,Orton, offer 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick for 2010.
Get some OL from this years draft and hope we can find a WR around that Cutler can use along with the WRs we have now. And of course that backup QB to use and/use for the future.

If I'm Jerry Angelo I do whatever it takes. There are only 3 untouchables: Forte, Briggs & Tillman.
You want Urlacher, Orton, 2 1's and 2 2's? Done. 3 1's? DONE NOW!
Pick the players you want, pick the picks you want. Nothing is off the table.
You'd blow the 1st & 2nd round picks anyway and you'd overpay for unproven college guys with no experience, why not overpay for a proven QB?
And anyone saying he's never won a playoff game and to not get him because of that, you need to question that Denver defense first.

if i were Angelo i would call up Cleveland and work a 3 way trade with us, Cleveland and Denver, Denver getting Derek Anderson or Quinn while we give up Orton to Cleveland and a forst round pick and Hunter Hillenmeyer to Denver. But we all know the Bears organization and Angelo and this will never happen because they don't ever seem to like to make a splash in the trade market or free agency.

Though many many Bear fans would hate to see it happen I would trade Brian Urlacher and Rex Grossman to Denver plus there 1st round pick. We all love Brian but he is wearing down and it would put him closer to home when it is time to call it quits. He would be welcomed to a weak defense. Lance can handle the middle for us. As for Rex, well, he needs a change of pace if he wants to try to rejuvenate his NFL career and, as we all know, he is not and never will be Bear material. He can at least give Sims a challenge for the starting job in Denver. Jay should have no problem beating out Kyle (I'm still not convinced he's our future). Another first round pick for Denver's defense should seal a deal. GO BEARS!!!

I am a Kyle Orton supporter first and foremost, let me just say that. He has only had one good season with TERRIBLE talent, or should I say the worst WR core in the NFL. It's unfair to judge him with the crappy talent Angelo has surrounded him with. Hester is at best a #2 WR, in my bood a #3. Rashied Davis should be in the Arena League or the Canadian League. To be honest Kyle Orton deserves a Purple Heart with Cluster for what he did last year with that sorry group of WR's. The Bears have 1 million needs right now. Address WR, Safety, D-Line, and O-Line. If you guys think the Bears are trading two first round picks, Urlacher and Orton you are crazy. It's not going to happen. Detroit can offer two first rd picks this year. Cleveland could offer Brady Quinn. Also, there is a reason nobody gives the Bears a chance to land him. They aren't capable of pulling off big deals. By the way, what has Cutler done besides go to one pro bowl. Wasn't he on the team that choked 4 games last year at the end of the season and lost the division to the Chargers? How many playoff games has he won? Sorry, he hasn't done enough to warrant giving away your team to get him. Fantasy QB's don't win Superbowls guys.

Urlacher is overpaid, and on the decline... so give them him, and Nathan Vasher. Vasher still has a ton of Interceptions over the past 3 years despite not playing a ton of games. Also Denver needs help with defense, making them look great for going after a big name like urlacher in a trade. With that as well i would give up 1 first round pick this year... but not much more. Sure hes a franchise QB, but you cant give away top talent for 2 positions for years to come for just a QB, who is not even the number one in the NFL

You people are nuts. Orton is fine. There are better ways to spend picks/money.

Trade Grossman? He is not a Bear anymore (free agent). Why do we need cutler? What has he done? 2 yrs ago most sports people thought he was a bust. What has he done to be considered a Franchise quarterback? Nothing!

I would work with Orton.Give him some help on the offensive line and with the receiver corp. What happens if Cutler gets hurt in the first game like Brady? You're back to the same problem. Why give up multiple players through the draft and additonal players for ONE player, who I believe is a diabetic, but under control, and who could get hurt like anyone else. We know nothing about Williams as a left tackle. We need another tackle from the draft who could play this year. We know nothing about Bennett. We need at least two new receivers who can start this year. One could be Bennett. We need more youth at the defensive end position. We need a youthful linebacker who could play this year. We need help in the secondary. To tie our future to one player is ridiculous.

Trade Tommie Harris? You guys are crazy!

The clever trade would be Orton and our first round picks this and next year.

Broncos would then have a good draft pick and Orton could fight for his place with Simms. It seems fair enough. Losing Brian Urlacher is too much, it would be a huge lost to the moral of the defense. Cutler is reported to be very close to Bennett as they went to college together and I think Bennett is going to have a good year this year either way. The switch from college football and NFL is big for WR's I think. Sure there is other gaps we need filling but for me this could be the being of something amazing. Also Cutler grew up as a Bears fan, Im sure he like to step out on to Solider Field for the Bears...

OK, the last time the Bears had a good let alone pro bowl qb was... never, you have to take the chance when it is there. First off they won't trade Urlacher he's the face of the franchise whether he is overrated or not, 2nd why is Hester untouchable? 3rd we should offer up Orton, our 2 3rd rounders this year maybe vasher as well. I don't think we should trade away our first round pick because I really want heyward-bey from maryland, with Cutler throwing to him our offense is totally changed.

Anyone who says that the Bears are fine with Orton is nuts. There is nobody that is untouchable on the Bears where trading for Cutler is concerned. A franchise quarterback comes along only so ofton. Are you Bears fans complete idiots in forgetting how long you have struggled with the long line of incompetent talent that been at quarterback. Angelo should offer the Broncos the sun and the moon it thas what it takes.

What differents dose it maik? The Bares will just ruin him anyways. Even if he is a grate quarterback. The packers our much better and always skore touchdowns a lot! Erin Rogers is gonna tare you guys up neckst year again.

Nobody is untouchable except Forte. The organization has gotten to all of you that they have a good product on the field. They do not! This team barely was over .500 last year, in a division with Detroit and Green Bay [two bad teams]. Cutler will stabilize a position that is vital and Angelo knows it. Cutler makes every position player better. Orton cannot throw the deep ball, so now safeties drop back, linebackers have to play more honestly, and D-Line has to pass rush as well as run rush. Defense gets better field position, and so forth.
Give up: Orton, this years 1st, next years 1st and 3rd pick.

I wouldn't go after him at all. What has he done since being in the N.F.L? I think they should give Orton 1 more season to improve and possibly continue to draft 1.

Jay Cutler´s price will be too high because there will be huge efforts on Bucs, Lions, Bears & Jets. Denver is looking for the best option, one allowing them to obtain draft picks, players and a competitive QB.
Jets are working hard on offering a pack of players and picks and they look as the most feasible destiny for Cutler.
Lions and Bucs will make high offers for Jay, but also will likely be prudent and shy because their chances to conform a solid offense require something else than just a good passer.
So this reduces mainly to Jets-Bears competition, where Jets put Clemens as center piece of the trade, while Bears do the same with Kyle Orton, but none of these "franchise QB" look like the last ingredient of the trade, so this surely will translates into a three teams trade, but there are few feasible options.
First, exclude New England as they wasted any chances with KC trade.
Then discount San Diego, Indianapolis, NY Giants, Dallas, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and New Orleans as none of them will include their QB as able to trade.
So real options start in DC, because even when Washington can work their own trade exchanging Jason Campbell for Jay Cutler and a pack of picks, that looks luxury for Redskins' salary cap, so even when Denver feels fine with Campbell that trade's pretty unlikely.
Miami has two Chads to offer: Pennington and Henne. CP is more than proved or if Denver wants a younger starter and think CH is as good as Miami expects, then any of them can serve as part of the deal, Jerry Angelo should contact Bill Parcells.
Both San Francisco and Cleveland has a pair of young passers that may serve as last option for Broncos.

Danno, you are way off base. Nobody ever considered Cutler a bust. What has he done? thrown for 4500 yards in a year that's what. He can make all the throws. Orton can't. Orton is way too inaccurate to ever lead a team to a superbowl. Cutler can make the kinda plays orton can only dream about. Guys like you just don't get it. Jerry angelo is right, you win because of the QB. Problem is, Angelo is all talk an no action. He will not get cutler cause he values his 1st round picks too much. He shouldn't, he just blows them anyway!!!!

Has he led his teem to the playoffs? Orton did as a rookie. I know Orton is not great, but niether is Cutler. Compare their stats last year, Cutler was not that much better than Orton. Denver had no running game, so of course he had more yards.

A three way deal is the best way to go.
I like the idea of involving Cleveland in this. They want to get rid of one of their QBs anyway so why not try to have all three teams picking up something that they want and or need?

Urlacher is looking washed up and he is a much bigger crybaby than people are making Cutler out to be.
Deal him if you can.
Cutler and Bennett worked real well together at Vanderbilt.
Cutler and Orton's number are about the same? What are you smoking Danno?
Cutler has thrown for more yards and more TDs in the last two seasons than Orton has done in his entire career. He is the better passer and is a better scrambler and that makes a huge difference when your WRs have trouble getting open. He gives you that extra time to make a play and his is not weak armed like Orton.

They could finally let Hester go long to open up the offense for a change. That make Forte dangerous.

Whatever it Takes! And stop trying to tell us how Orton is anything more than a 2nd or 3rd string qb.

I don't get it when you say we should keep the draft picks. Look at Angelo's history of first round picks. I think we should offer up both this years and next years number one just to start. Are you saying that you wouldn't trade last years number one, williams and his bad back and Benson the bust (if he was even still a Bear), for Cutler because that is the level of talent Angelo gets you with his drafting ability. I say get Cutler who is a much more sure thing than anything that Angelo would pick in the draft.

I don't get it when you say we should keep the draft picks. Look at Angelo's history of first round picks. I think we should offer up both this years and next years number one just to start. Are you saying that you wouldn't trade last years number one, williams and his bad back and Benson the bust (if he was even still a Bear), for Cutler because that is the level of talent Angelo gets you with his drafting ability. I say get Cutler who is a much more sure thing than anything that Angelo would pick in the draft.

Simple offer these options to Denver. They get to pick one:

1. Briggs and 3 round draft pick
2. Tommie Harris and 2 round draft pick
3. 1st round and either Kyle Orton or Nathan Vasher
4. Pick a D linemen (not Harris) and 1st round pick
5. 2nd round Kyle Orton and Nathan Vasher

Denver can use our 1st and their 1st to move up and get one of the top quarterbacks or use both picks to shore up the D. Or Denver can get one of our established D men and a high pick possibly to grab a 2nd tier QB

I love reading the crazy comments on here. I consider myself fortunate to be a Bears fan living outside of Chicago, or Illinois for that matter. I guess going to a Superbowl in 2007 counts for nothing. Or the fact that Angelo granted the wishes of the Bears fans and signed many of those players to extensions to keep that team together. Easier to blame the coach and GM for the player's underachieving seasons since. But who among us saw that coming 2 years ago?
So what do we do to get Cutler. Well signing Pace would be a start since it would free up this years first round pick. Then a call to the Broncos. Our first round picks this year and next. Its probably not enough compared to other offers they will receive so we let them counter the offer. Another pick? I might consider a conditional one in 2010. A player? Well who do you want? Anderson? Alex Brown? Ogunleye? D Manning? Is there anything on offense you would like? Yeah right.
Two first and Urlacher? NO WAY! 2 and Harris? Take a hike. Briggs.......ok I'm hanging up now. No way I trade two firsts and any of those players for Cutler-no way. Wanna go a first and one of them and I'm listening though.
Fact is our next two first rounders probably won't be enough and any more than that is too much.

Excluding Forte and Hester trade anyone else you have to to get Cutler. Yes he's that good!

1. I am willing to give up Kyle Orton (I like him but Cutler is better at this point his career). Two 1st and two 3rd round picks, this year and next year.

2. Jay Cutler isnt a baby, he is a guy being mistreated by his franchise.

3. Off the table. Matt Forte and Lance Briggs, you want hester, fine. Lets make it happen.

4. There are no "If's", if the Bronco's dont like my trade, keep stacking on picks until they break. If we have to give up 5 picks and three players it should get done.


Its not so much as Jay Cutler is the perfect qb, but instead, he is a much better qb, than any other "available" qb on the market.

Get it done Jerry or I might have to send you a fortune cookie.

If I was JA, I would trade away my first round pick of this years along with 2nd round and next year's 1st round pick. I'd also throw in Kyle Orton and Brian Urlacher in the deal. Whatever it takes to get a proven QB in the Chicago city.

If I'm angelo I look at the Cassel situation as a guide. So I offer a 3rd round pick, Orton and Ogun and/or Vasher. This way they get a pick a QB who fits into their system, and some talented defensive players. If they want 2 first rounders tell them to have fun with Chris Simms as the starter next season cause no team is gonna give that to them and Cutler is never going to play for McDaniels

I'm with the 3-way with Cleveland mindset. Give Cleveland some draft picks and a player (anyone but Forte and Briggs). Why not Hester? We clearly aren't using him to his potential anymore, I'd rather see him be ridiculous somewhere else than waste his talents if the Bears don't use him properly.

Rich T

I don't understand how you cannot pin a lot of the blame for the Bears let down over the last two years to the coach and GM. Lovie is the guy that said "trust me" when getting rid of Ron Rivera for Bob Babich. Maybe Rivera is not the end all be all at defensive coordinator but I do know that the defense has gotten worse since he left. Lovie had to hire his pal Rod Marinelli two years later to help fix the defense. Lovie is the guy who won't give up on the cover two. Angelo is the guy who gave Thomas Jones to the Jets to move up slightly in the draft while giving the starting running back position to Benson (no longer on the team). Do you think that the Jets are still laughing about that one? They got a pro bowl running back for essentially nothing. A combination of Angelo and Lovie decided to get rid of Harris one of our safetys for Adam Archulletta who couldn't cover anyone and is no longer with the team and Harris is one of the leading defenders in the league at stripping the ball something Lovie covets in a defensive player. Angelo drafted Williams in the first round while knowing of his bad back and decided to draft him anyway. That really payed off. I won't even get in to all of the other players that Angelo has drafted in the first three rounds that either can't get on the field or are no longer on the team. Thats why I think that we should not hesitate to take the draft picks away from Angelo and make sure we get something of value for them. Trade as many picks as the Broncos need to get us Cutler.

Whatever it takes, that's what I would give up. When they call, and ask for ______, I say ok, let's do it.

The Bears need to bring balance to their salary structure. They spend a higher percentage of team salary on defense than ANY other team in the NFL. This needs to change.
1) Trade Brian Urlacher, Olin Kreutz and Orton to Arizona for Anquan Bolden and Matt Leinart. May need to sweeten with #2 in this year's draft.
2) Package Leinart, Tommie Harris and Nate Vasher to Denver for Cutler. You may need to sweeten the deal with a #1 or #2 in 2010, but I wouldn't let that stop you.
3) Sign Orlando Pace
4) Move Beekman to center. Omiyale to guard. Pace to LT. Williams to RT. Let the others fight it out for remaining guard position.
5) Draft a pass rushing DE in First Round of this year's draft. I'm not happy with Ogunliye's production, and he's a free agent after this season.

If I were Jerry Angelo and to keep my job (Psss! Economy is bad right now) I would trade the following for Jay Cutler:

1. Kyle Orton & Brian Urlacher
2. 2009 1st Round pick (#18)
3. 2010 Future draft pick (depending on team's performance)

This will save CAP room for Cutler's future contract, plus it will benefit Denver in having a starting QB and LB. Kyle Orton is not the long term answer and Urlacher is showing wear and tear.
Jay Cutler is a franchise quarterback that the Bears has never EVER had. Running game and great defense only worked once 1985. We need CHANGE; before I die I want to see an explosive offense for once. Let me die in peace and no regrets nor WHAT If's.....

I would trade the 18th pick in this years, with Kyle Orton, Adrian Peterson, Danieal Manning. they will want an offensive and defensive player plus your giving the Broncos a return man too.

The Bears getting Jay Cutler would be like Clay Aiken dating Angelina Jolie. They wouldn't know what to do with him.

The crybaby theme is well overplayed. NFL contracts are a joke, teams can 'cut' players and not pay them, so why should QB's be held to the "magical" standard of "honoring" their contract? (Hello, Fred Taylor CUT under a 6 million dollar "contract". Hello, Chris McAllister CUT by his team under an 11 million dollar "contract"). Soon as NFL teams start paying their players for the full duration of their contracts, I'll start believing that argument that players should as well.

I have been a Denver fan for life, enjoyed the Elway years, suffered through the non-competitive QB years, had a glimmer of hope in the Plummer years, and was getting settled in for 6 to 10 solid years with a great QB. I'll still be a Denver fan, even after this huge McD screwup.

If McDaniels could turn Cassel into a 15 million dollar QB, imagine what he could have done with Cutler, who is still a raw talent. I have watched ever single down Cutler has played, and he is the real deal. While his record isn't great (17-20) he is 13-1 when his defence gives up less than 21 points. The one loss is when Farve threw an 80 yard TD on the first posession in OT.

Good luck getting him - and hopefully you don't give up the farm to do so. If you do, you will really enjoy watching him play. I don't remember the last time I "feared" a Chicago QB on a Sunday afternoon (Chicago TEAM - yes. Defence? Yes. QB? Nope) and it really will give Chicago fans something extra to cheer about.

trade 18th pick plus 2nd round pick (or the compensatory 3rd round pick) plus alex brown or ogunleye....draft a reciever and a DE w/ rounds 2 & 3 (or 3 & 3) and put Mark anderson back into play at de

13-1 as a starter when the defense held teams to 21 points or less..
Get him here and with the bears defense we are playoff and/or super bowl bound!!

Urlacher? They don't want him you hack Couch! I hear they need a D tackle, how bout Harris, Orton, this yrs 1st, and next yrs 2nd. That should do it, which means it has zero chance of happening with Angelo.

I say we call up ol' Jim Miller, and Chris Chandler. Besides, a little tennis elbow never killed nobody and as far as I'm concerned, Chandler is one of the greatest 2 year qb's of all-time. I mean anybody wh ocan throw over 1,500 yards and 10 Td's, while keeping the Mighty Jonathan Quinn, from the elite top tier Middle Tennesse State, in the wings is a mystery. If all else fails, get Vick, at least he'll show you the best dog kennel in town.

This years first, next years first, Orton and Vasher, for Cutler and the Broncos 3rd rounder this year.
That gives us 3 3rd round picks and 1 2nd rounder. If Heyward-Bey drops towards the bottom of the first round, package them up and get him. If not we should be able to get Brian Robiskie in the 2nd. I think he will be a good NFL WR. Son of a coach. Definitely the most polished WR in the draft in terms of aptitude and route running.

I would like to give props to Kevin, the first commenter who guessed two firsts, Orton, and next years third. He missed the year on the third, and missed the fifth rounder they will get. I think the Cutler trade is a great one because, frankly, Jerry Angelo sucks at drafting the first round. This move upgrades now and will make them better in the long run as well(assuming Angelo would've blown the picks anyway)

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