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Did Milton Bradley have the stupidest first home plate appearance ever?

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Milton Bradley argues balls and strikes with umpire Larry Vanover in the sixth inning Thursday during a pinch-hitting appearance, his first as a Cub in the Friendly Confines. - Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times

Milton Bradley pulled his gimpy groin off the bench for a pinch-hitting appearance in the Cubs/Cardinals tilt Thursday afternoon at Wrigley Field. And, of course, he didn't disappoint.

He didn't smack a homer. Not a basehit. Not even a walk. Nope, he got ejected for arguing a called third strike - and is facing possible fine or suspension for apparentcontact with umpire Larry Vanover in the process. Of course it was only a matter of time till the hot-headed Bradley acted out and got tossed for his efforts, but what was the hurry?


So not only could he not help the team out by getting on base - he would have been lifted for a pinch runner because, of course, he's injured - but he now could potentially be lost for a few games if Major League Baseball deems the head case went too far and made contact with Vanover. Oh, and he's 1-for-the-season so far in 2009.

So it got us to wondering: is this the worst first home plate appearance in baseball history? The Cubs, of course, had the tragic Adam Greenberg at-bat against the Marlins in 2005 when he was beaned in the head his first plate appearance and basically never played again. But, of course, that was in Miami.

But you tell us - what's the most infamous, tragic or stupid first plate appearance you've seen or heard about. If nothing else, maybe you can make Bradley feel a little better about his nonsense.

Chicago Cubs rookie Adam Greenberg is helped off the field by Cubs trainers after being hit in the helmet by the first pitch he faced in the major leagues, from Florida Marlins relief pitcher Valerio Do Los Santos during the ninth inning July 9, 2005, in Miami. Steve Mitchell/AP

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I watched this routine all season last year in Arlington. Milton Bradley is great when he's able to play, which at times can stretch as long as four to five games in a row.

What nonsense. Let's forget the fact that the ball was at least half a foot inside and that the games was on the line. Nope, Bradley's a head case.


Because the press says so.

Try to write something original. It pains me to read stuff like this.

Milton Bradley will be the man .. He really got screwed by the UMP.. The pitch was inside and the ump wasnt calling the inside pitch except for Bradley. I feel sorry for him. He shows emotion and that winning and succeeding really means something. Not like Derrick (double play )Lee who seems to take everything with a grain of salt. How many men has he left on base this year already ?. I bet most on the team.. What is LOU(manager of the year doing ?). Play Micah Hoffpauir whenever righties are pitching. That means sitting Lee . Lou you left off Hoffpauir from post playoff roster .. Now your NOT playing him enough. Same said
for Reed Johnson. YOu didnt play him in playoffs , yet he was a very clutch hitter all year and gave life to the team. GO Milton Bradley GO .. If only Derrick Lee showed some emotions. I guess he thinks Lou will play him forever.

That was way inside. I would have got tossed too.

It's one thing if it's a 3-2 count and the pitcher misses by 1-3 inches, but that was nearly a foot inside.

That ump is either blind or retarded. Umps like that should be replaced with machines.

So much to say. So many possibilities, but I'll temper myself a bit. What to do? What to do? How in the world Craig can you compare Greenberg's first EVER (and sadly up to this point only) at-bat in his first ever MLB appearance to that of a free agent who is taking his first at bat for his seventh team in nine years? So it was a crappy first at-bat for the Cubs. Big deal. Way to overreact about a player's behavior that even a casual fan knew would rear it's ugly head. Were you expecting anything else? You should be psyched that he got it over with so early. It will ease the pain of the Cubs 101st annual "Roll Over and Die Festival" this Summer.

Greenberg's is one of the worst (defined as tragic and not your translation which is a Chandler Bing-esque sarcastic) of all time, much less that of the North Side Billy Goats. This is a post that you should have read over about seven times just so that you would have been smart enough to erase it and write something that made sense. It amazes me when traditional media journalists rain their hate on bloggers, yet when traditional media companies create spots for their own in-house bloggers the quality is not even close to that of or Give me well thought out fart jokes over this drivel.

Sarcasm as in "But, of course, that was in Miami." which comes off as pretty thick by inferring that the Marlins don't count as "baseball history" or it's not as important, because it didn't occur in Wrigley. I don't see any other way to take that line, which means Greenberg's situation is belittled due to the fact that it occurred in a stadium that averages 8K people per game and lacks Ronnie Woo Woo. What is it? A clarification would be nice.

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