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Is former Duke guard Greg Paulus really NFL material?

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Football can't be that easy of a game. It just can't be. It takes too much time and preparation to be successful.

It can take years to make it. Literally. Years.

But maybe the Green Bay Packers are on to something. Maybe former Duke point guard Greg Paulus can still heave the pigskin with the same precision as he did as a record-setting quarterback in New York.
Maybe Paulus has been diligently (and unbeknownst to others) working on his bench press, running 40-yard dashes and adding weight to his 180-pound frame.

Maybe that is why the Packers worked out Paulus. (An NFL source told

Paulus WAS a highly recruited quarterback coming out of high school, with offers from Notre Dame to the University of Miami, but opted to sport shorts for Duke.

Paulus WAS the Gatorade Football Player of the Year. (Paul and Minnesota Twins star catcher Joe Mauer are the only two winners not to play football).

But Paulus doesn't really have the ideal size NFL scouts are looking for - nor the experience for that matter.

It boggles the mind, really. Was Paulus that good - that amazing and awe-inspiring - at Christian Brothers Academy to warrant a workout? At least, Chad Hutchinson (Stanford) and Drew Henson (Michigan) played football at the college level, before giving up baseball and getting their shots in the NFL.

Without question, basketball, in some shape or form, helped launch the careers of some players. Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates are prime examples, as everyone knows.

Could Paulus have picked something up running the point for the Blue Devils - arguably college basketball's most hated team - that would make him, at best, a serviceable backup quarterback in the NFL? Maybe.

Could he be the next Koy Detmer? Maybe.

Of all positions, however, quarterback is the most scrutinized. Just ask current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who had the luxury of taking over for Brett Favre.

It takes more than raw talent (Michael Vick), college credentials (Ryan Leaf) or potential (Cade McNown) to succeed.
No doubt, Paulus was a solid basketball player at Duke. But he wasn't exactly Bobby Hurley - or Charlie Ward - either.

Should he have stuck with football? Maybe. But since when does a "maybe" merit a second chance?

Wait ... sorry, this is the NFL. Maybe this blog should have been about how far some teams will go to find a quarterback.

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Let's be honest, G. Paulis is better than anything taking snaps in Green Bay. A. Rodgers didn't impress me last season.

Linda S.

Pro football scouts judge talent on how a kid throws the football 60 yards across the field, risking a pick for 6 the other way in order to pick up 5 yards on 3rd and 9. The judge talent on a drop back pass with perfect protection hitting a receiver untouched in perfect stride, which NEVER HAPPENS in the pros.
What they don't do is judge how a QB avoids the sack when protection breaks down (as it does on nearly every play) in order to dump it over the middle to a receiver being held and grabbed. Ask Ben Roethlisberger about this.
Paulus isn't Dan Marino and that's only fair because neither of them will have a super bowl ring.

Let's see, paulis is a b-ball player or a want-2-be
there is a big difference in the two games
If anybody out there thinks for one min. that he can make it to the NFL to play QB is out of their MIND!!!! Trust me I know talent when I see it, so Greg sorry but you do not have what it takes to make it to the NFL or NBA so take your education that you got from Duke and do something good with it. if the Packers want to waste a Draft-Pick on Paulis well i have a bridge that I would like to sell to them, very Cheap LOL
Paulis wasn't even that good of a basketball player so who at the Packers thinks he will be a good choice for their team, whomever you are be glad that I do not own the team, because you would hear these words YOUR FIRED!!!

Was that a joke ? Might wanna take a look at his stats. Impressive to say the least, especially under the circumstances. He is definitly an up and comming QB.

Will Paulus smack the ground before every snap at Lambeau?

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