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Former Chicago Bear Ken Anderson dies of heart attack at 33

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ken-anderson-dead.JPGThe Associated Press is reporting that former Chicago Bears defensive lineman Ken Anderson has died of a heart attack at the age of 33.

Anderson played for the Arkansas Razorbacks from 1994-1997 and spent 1999 with the Bears.

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My condolences to the family.

I knew Ken briefly. He was a kind person. My condolences to his family.

mr. ken was one of the nicest men i have ever meet. he taught everybody at main street academy a lot and we miss him every much. he was my favorte teacher. and i would like to leave my condolences to his kids and his wife, i glad i had the pleasure to meet them briefly.theirs more i would like to say .

I had the pleasure of working with Ken at the University of Arkansas. He was a sincere, kind, and gentle young man who impacted everyone around him for the better. I never saw Ken again since I left the training room in 1996 but it appears that he has left a lasting legacy and this world is better because of Ken Anderson. He did leave this world at a young age but he was apparently prepared for his journey after this life. I praise our awesome Savior and King, Jesus Christ because we owed a debt we could never pay and He paid the debt He did not owe. My prayers and my heart go out to his family and I look forward to that day when I will see him again, that big gentle smile that I can still see as clear today as I did for the last time 13 years ago.

If this was yuor last breath would you be ready?
John 3:16

Ken Anderson was not just an impressive football player, he became a life success coach. His inspiration and influence will be for decades. He did not have a chance to become truly great as a football player because of injuries, however, he is definitely enshrined in the Hall of Fame of people who has helped others. His natural ability to Preview see Options and be at the right Pace, served him well while working with young people that needed someone that could care. His ability to grasp concepts pertaining to cognitive intelligence was unbelieveable. Ken was making professional strides that would have placed him in a significant position of influence. In addition to his work in our school, he was also serving his church as a youth minister. Ken has left but the seeds of his work will continue to grow. Sometimes we talk about the value of big-time sports at colleges and question their long term benefit. Mr Ken Anderson shows the world what a scholarship to a young man from Shreveport, LA a journey to Univ of Arkansas and expeience in professiional sports can do when they come back home. Ken has now headed to his real home, thanks for visiting with us for the past several years, your friend.

Mr Kenn was the reason I got up every morning and actually felt happy about going to school. As much as I hated going, he would remind me how stupid I would be for not going. He will always live on inside of me as one of my greatest inspirations. I miss you so much! Goodbye Mr Kenn.


I worked for the chicago bears in 1998 when Ken was a rookie I met him then come to find out he lived down the street from me Ken was so nice we became good friends in fact Ken was the best man in my wedding we lost touch after i left chicago but advise he use to give me will allways be with me I made a terrible mistake one time while I was in chicago but Ken never judged me eventhough he couldn't understand why i did what i did and i will never forget that, life has been hard for me since i left chicago but my times with Ken made it easy for me get through each day i know you are looking down as i type this i'm starting to cry I love you BIG KEN RIP.

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