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EA Sports announces four NCAA Football 10 cover athletes

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NCAA_Football_10_cover.jpgHere at Sports Pros(e), Kyle and I have been known -- despite the fact that we're grown men in our 20s -- to engage in some epic EA Sports NCAA Football battles.

I've perfected Missouri's spread offense, and frustrated Kyle with countless Daniel-to-Maclin jaunts into the endzone. Kyle, in turn, made me lose even more hair than usual on occasion by controlling the clock with the likes of Knowshon Moreno and Javon Ringer.

To be sure, NCAA Football 10 will offer even more opportunities for us to prove our virtual gridiron prowess -- all while we hope our players get injured so we can hear sideline reports from Erin Andrews.

But the real question: Who's face will we be looking at when we pop open the game?

Michael Crabtree, Brian Johnson, Brian Orakpo and Mark Sanchez will be featured on platform-exclusive covers of NCAA Football 10.
Biletnikoff and Warfield award winner Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech will grace the cover of the XBox 360 version.

Utah QB Brian Johnson -- who led his team to a 13-0 record last year -- will have his mug plastered on the Playstation 3 cover.

Rising-draft-stock enthusiast Mark Sanchez of USC will be the face of the PSP game.

Texas devensive end and man mountain Brian Orakpo apparently drew the short straw, and will be featured on the PlayStation 2 cover -- for those antique enthusiasts out there.

NCAA Football 10 is slated for a July 14 release date -- at which time Kyle and I will let you know the results of our innaugural game. Here's a preview: I win.

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It should have been tim tha gator tebow gator nation. !

orakpo should be on the PS3 cover. crabtree should be on the ds cover.

Micheal Crabtree is tha most coldest wide reciever in 07, and 08, he killin it right now.. Carter Cowboys... Stand Up...

"orakpo should be on the PS3 cover. crabtree should be on the ds cover."

Texas fans will cry over anything, wah wah were not on a cover for a good system, wah wah.


No Knowshon or Stafford?? I mean, it's OK to show UGA a little love...

And to the smart Gator fan, Tebow's still in college, and it's against NCAA rules to promote NCAA players...maybe next year...

Too bad tim tebow is still in school so he's not aloud to be on the cover jackass.

it can't be tim tebow, he's still in college. they always pick players who are leaving. as per ncaa bylaws current college players can't be compensated, i.e. can't be in the game. it's also why the player's names aren't in the ncaa football games.

I'm pissed! Sanchez or Orakpo should have been on the platforms that actually will sell the games! For them to be on the PSP and PS2 is insulting! Now i have to look at Michael Crabtree's goofy ass all season until NCAA Football 11 :(

Im guessing all you who are ragging on crabtree would have to be texas fans who will always remember the night yall couldnt stop crabtree all you had to do was tackle him. texas should work on fundamentals before ragging on him. and if i remember correctly orakpo got hurt that game....he couldnt even hang with the big boys.

NCAA 10 cover athlete for 360 will be then 2 time heisman trophy winner,


we all know who will the the 11 360 cover, SAM BRADFORD!! THATS RIGHT TEXAS FANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow I like how all the ou fans are saying sam bradford is going to win the heisman again ha if i was them i would watch out for texas their returning all the starters on d except brian o. Colt McCoy will win the heisman

They should of had Beanie on one of em...or ANY running back...

UTE'S! That's amazing. Brian was great all year. 13-0 can't argue perfection... Unless you're the BCS ;)

Utes! Glad to see somebody is giving atleast someone some respect for a perfect season. 13-0 can't argue perfection... Unless you're the BCS;)

How about showing a little love to the Buckeyes. Maybe Jenkins or Beanie?

schonn greene?
you know, the best back in the nation last year

Man Texas fans whine and moan too much. Stop crying cause you suck. And Colt isnt gonna win any awards his whole college career. Thats sad. Since he started since he was a freshman. while bradford and tebow only needed two years to get a heisman. lol

And Crabtree deserves everything hes gotten so far. Dude is raw. Best College WR in history so far. Two Biletnikoff Awards in 2 years of college football. Ruined Texas' whole season on 1 play. And set all kinds of records. Hes so underated its not funny.

all yall bitchin and moanin stfu pussys

percy harvin should have been on the cover for the 360

all you OU fans know u didnt deserve to play in big 12 title game, texas beat you, and they had the same record, the whole OU beat TT which beat UT shit is just dumb, we beat you, you shouldn't have been there at all. And McCoy is gonna win da heisman, he deserved it last year.

Thank god I own a ps3... I wouldn't buy anything with that hack of a wr on it... I almost didn't buy a cotton bowl program in dallas... But as tech fans know... When you play the SEC... You lose... Hotty Toddy!

damn those texas fans still complaining about that three way tie, thats the way the rules were soo stop being poor sports. cant spell heisman or awsome without sam baby! thats who should be on the cover

thankz for putting orakpo on the ps2 because kno1 ever buys those games anymore

Hell ya Crabtree and Brian Johnson are on the main covers im from Utah and Brian Johnson deserves it and so does Crabtree best WR in college football no doubt oh and Mark Sanchez blows he only played one season and he couldnt even start over John David Booty for Christ sake he blows a big one, Brian Johnson deserves that cover for sure and so does Crabtree if Tim Tebow could be on one he would be but other than that Sam Bradford should not have even been in the BCS National Championship it should of been Utah the only god damn undefeated team in college football

wow for christ sakes shut up bradford should of been on the ps3 cover because tebow shouldnt cause without him florida will never see a bcs game ever again unless he has a son as good as him

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