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Do you think golf is under par when it comes to issues of race?

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tiger-woods.jpgThe Masters, golf's crown jewel, tees off in Augusta, Ga. today, with the field trying to keep the almost unstoppable Tiger Woods from winning his fifth green jacket.

The tagline for the event is the quaint "a tradition unlike any other," but one columnist is taking umbrage this morning for what he perceives as another tradition in golf: racism.

Kevin Blackistone's column documents the lack of diversity on the links and explains how it's turned him, an African American, away from the game.
There isn't a major sport in this country in the last 50 years that has stood so steadfastly in the doorway to diversity, like George Wallace did infamously to black students trying to get in to the University of Alabama in 1963, as golf.
Blackistone writes that the game has never been so diverse at a time when our nation has never been more inclusive. He offers the following ideas to get more minorities into tournaments.

What pro golf can do specifically to diversify its ranks is what it does at almost every tournament. It can get its tournament sponsors to offer exemptions to qualified black golfers just like it does to other golfers for whatever reasons. That was how Michelle Wie so often played the LPGA until recently. That was how Annika Sorenstam played with men at the Colonial a few years ago.
So, do you agree with Blackistone? Is this a pressing issue for the game of golf or do you think it's just how the chips have landed at this particular time in history? What steps could be taken to rectify the situation?

PGA Still Scoring Bogeys on Race      (Fanhouse)

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I think professional golf is very diversified the PGA tour is the highest level attainable by a golfer and you can just see how many walks of life there is. There is Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia, Paul Casey, Stuart Appleby, Daniel Chopra, Angel Cabrera, KJ Choi, Camilo Villegas, Retief Goosen all of these people of different races and all of different countries. In order to play at this level u must be the best and make the cut. Nothing is weighted against your race it's all about if you bring your A game because that level of competition is extremely competitive. Also by the way Annika Sorenstam is womens golf greatest player of all time and she could beat anyone whether they are african-american or part alein. Until someone shows me some exemptions maybe i would consider it but would you rather watch some unranked golfers play or some of the greatest men and women in the world?

Tiger has made inroads but this should be about merit and merit only. The top of the game should be for those at the top of the game thats the way it is. As a player i wouldnt want it any other way.

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