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Derek Fisher granted restraining order against alleged stalker Symone Fisher

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derek-fisher-stalker-symone-fisher.jpgLakers guard Derek Fisher Monday secured a temporary restraining order against a woman who allegedly likes him a little too much.

The woman, Symone Fisher, has allegedly sent a number of e-mails, messages on social networking sites and letters to the Lakers star claiming to be his wife, even though the two have never met, Derek Fisher wrote in a declaration. She recently began showing up at the Lakers training facility in El Segundo and near his home, according to court papers.
The woman apparently began contacting the NBA player during the 2001-2002 season under a different legal last name.

 Derek Fisher wins restraining order     (Los Angeles Times)

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Do you really need to say "alleged stalker" once she changes her last name to his? I think at that point she's pretty much admitting that she stalks him.

Really ??

Could be his wife playing the stalking game to make sure he isnt cheating !!

It is a well known fact that Derek Fishers wife has left notes on peoples cars in oder to gain attention or break up people...she left notes on Marshall Faulks girlfriends car at SDSU many times and then on Marshalls car ..she left notes on Dereks car pretending to be someone else when he dated another girl..she was trying to break them up. Thats her M.O. ALL of SDSU knows about her leaving notes to cause drama between people or break people up...she dated several football players at SDSU that can confirm her games with the notes...the chick is crazy and hides it well

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