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Welcome to Chicago, Jay Cutler (and you as well, Orlando Pace)

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I let out a yelp when Kyle told me via instant message of the breaking news that the Bears landed Jay Cutler. It was something akin to the sound a sleeping dog makes when you accidentally step on its hind leg, waking it from a deep slumber.


Finally the Bears have gone out and splurged on the nicest car in the lot instead of settling on a lonely Honda Civic -- the one sitting in the corner with a little rust on the bottom that nobody wants.

Finally there's hope that the Bears might actually go into consecutive training camps with the same starting quarterback (one who isn't named Rex).

The sound was a motley crew of emotion:
Glee: This is a good thing. I love the Bears!

Gloat: Take that, Lions! How you like them apples, Jets? What's up now, Jaguars?

Surprise: Wait ...the Chicago Bears? Jerry Angelo? Him? Really? 

Regret: I should have never doubted Jerry Angelo. I'm so sorry, Jerry. I'm so, so sorry.

Confidence: Who's better in the NFC North? I really can't think of anyone.

Sleepiness: Man, I really need to get a better night's sleep.

More glee: Awesome! Awesome! I have always loved the Bears a sick amount!

And then ... that old Chicago skepticism begins to sneak its way in.

We're a fickle bunch, we Bears fans. We revel in dissension and disagreement when defining moments like these arise. There will be someone in your office who thinks this is the Bears' shining off-season moment. There will be someone who thinks that that someone is a total idiot.

You'll hear the media debate over the next few days whether Cutler will be able to stay healthy while being protected by a suspect offensive line that now includes seven-time pro-bowler Orlando Pace. You'll hear questions about whether Devin Hester and Earl Bennett are sufficient targets at wide receiver to make Cutler look good.

And much like the other woman for whom a man leaves his wife, we'll ask -- he cheated on Denver, what makes us so sure he won't cheat on us after a while?

With everything that could go wrong, it's easy for us to forget we ever yelped in the first place. Especially when it's week 17 and you're watching the Texans (of all teams) squash your post-season hopes.  

My worry is that if Cutler doesn't wow us from day one, the boo birds of Soldier Field will be all-too quick to take their perch and let the 25-year-old have it.

But I like that Jay Cutler is from the Midwest. I like that his feelings were hurt enough to inspire him to stick to his convictions and force the Denver Broncos to trade him. It's good to see pouting taken to extreme levels with millions of dollars on the line in times of economic hardship. And I like that he grew up a Bears fan. I know that fact means nothing in reality, and Kyle will most likely make fun of me for even bringing it up. But that fact makes me happy. 

Because maybe he yelped too when he heard the news.

But with every question mark, I sense the echo of my own yelp getting fainter and fainter -- almost to the point where I can't remember whether I'm actually even happy about this move. After all, there was talk that Missouri's speedy receiver Jeremy Maclin might have been available to the bears with the 18th pick in the draft that now belongs to Denver.

In the end, though, the Bears have a Pro-Bowl quarterback. Even though he wasn't wearing the navy and orange and a C on his helmet when he did it, it still feels good to say. 

Now if we could just get Michael Vick in here as his backup.

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Pace signed too, supposedly.

Have fun with this whining liar! He's a great talent, but his attitude, and public image SUCK! We're sorry to see the talent go, but glad to see the headache outta Denver. Good riddance Cutler, I hope you get your head taken off in the NFC North!

Kevin Replies: Hope of decapitation is an entirely logical reaction to the departure of an athlete from one's favored team.

hahahahahahahaha bronco jack enjoy orton not being able to find receivers down field hahahahahahahahahahhaha

As a Broncos fan, I'm sad to see Cutler, go, and am pretty sure we have a few years of mediocrity, McDaniels fired, and rebuilding to look forward to.

How it got to this point is beyond me.

Best of luck to Cutler and the Bears. This is going to be one of those moves that people look back at, and wonder how Chicago managed to get such a lopsided victory. If you all get the defense back looking good, I'm afraid of what the Bears can do.

And we get Orton and first-rounders with a rookie GM and coach drafting. Truly, my joy knows no bounds.

I'm so happy I could almost cry. As a long time fan, I was getting sick of thinking that Chicago wouldn't go for him. The Pace move was needed with the upgrade in QB. Devin better be practicing his routes and catches, cause his time is now as well. I can't wait for the season to start, and I'm not expecting to be wow'd. I'm expecting a competitive team playing both sides of the ball. The Defense has the eyes on them, more, now than ever. I had a Gale Sayers poster on my wall as a child. That tells you how long I've been following the Bears. I met Walter, one evening at a JA dinner. BEARS!

Cutler is gonna get killed, without Marshall and Royal he'll throw 3 touchdowns all year.

Kevin Replies: I'm gonna take the over on the whole three touchdowns prediction. Even Orton threw for 18 last year. Orton drives a Prius though. So ... there's something.

Wow the Donkey's just got better. And I feel sorry for Chicago. Chicago's a good team, defensively. But now they'll have to deal with a a pouting little brat. He's got a great arm, but he forces it to much. And don't complain when he starts pouting and kicking up grass when series don't go right. He's impatient and inconsistent when he's riled up. The Chargers Rivers new just how to get to his head and it worked every time. You get in his head and he WILL make A LOT of mistakes. He's not tough enough mentally. And remember he's the fumble KING.

Don't forget Shanahan and the Donkey's offensive co-ordinator kissed his a$$ and praised him everyday. He was their golden child. You as well as the rest of the Bears fans better harp your coach to start kissing Cutlers a$$ and praising him every single minute. It's the only way you'll get him to want to play well for you.

But good luck to your Bears. Like I said I like the Bears, I think they're always a threat. But I'm just saying I wouldn't run around naked up and down the street with joy, because they landed Cutler, at least not until he's proven he fits in.

Chicago just pulled off the steal of the century. And then look at Raider Haider throwing rocks from last place where they have been for the last 20 years.

Denver made a huge mistake here. 1 by firing Shanahan and 2 by trading Cutler. We are now destin to 2nd place. Thank goodness our division is so weak with the Raiders and Chiefs, but looks like we just handed first to the Chargers.

McDaniels and all the rest of the Bellick assistants are a JOKE!!!!

It will either be big or a bust. Nothing in the middle. I have doubts about the Bears offensive scheme and blocking. Pace is five years past his prime and hurt all the time. This could be a debacle.

Bears excited but be cautious. Cutler had an awesome offensive line and when he had all day to throw was great. Games (KC) when he is rattled makes dumb mistakes. He runs hot, is standoffish in the media and can be rattled. In Denver the QB is royalty and everyone loves the Broncos. They do not turn or boo much. If the boo birds come out there could be serious issues. When he gets sacked he will blame teamates. Careful...Orton has a great line, good sytem and awesome receievers. He is a step down but I think this will be closer than most people think.

Thank GOD!! I am thrilled that da Bears pulled this off. Explosive just got added to the Bears offensive vernacular. The deep ball now is a constant threat that opens up the lanes for Matt Forte. Hester should be happy as hell! I can't wait for the season to start. Thanks

The Bears don't have a wideout who would be better than a #3 on any decent team in the league. They could go back in a time machine to pluck Joe Montana from 1981 and it wouldn't make a difference. Even he would look bad throwing to those bums.

But hey, given what they would have done with those first round picks anyway, it's no big loss.

Your welcome Chicago. Bowlen and new baby coach McLiar have just destroyed a once promising and surging offense. This now former 32 year fan of the Denver Broncos wishes Jay and you the best.

OMG! The curse of the mediocre quarterback just flew to Denver. Bronco fans were spoiled with Elway-possibly the best. Now they'll know what it's like to go the other way. Condolences.

Greeting from Denver...

We already have enough problems here, this is what we got for Cutler?? Oh boy....!!!!

Uh dnicols, I think Raiderhaider is a broncos fan dude. Chicago got the better end of this deal. Draft picks are unproven commodities. Be thankful you got a proven talent. he will make your team better. As a bolt fan, im happy to see Cutler gone. Although we whipped his ass all the time. go Bolts!!

Enjoy Kyle Orton, Denver. and I'm really being serious.
Maybe one day he can turn into a pro bowler with that amazing O-line.

Congrats to the Bears you have a great QB and a new fan because I can't cheer for a Denver coached by McKid and a second rate substitute. Pat Bowlen is an idiot.

wow you guys are stupid, this is the hershel walker trade all over again. Ortons numbers were slightly less than cutler in rating and td's he also had less int's Two first rounders? and a third and orton. what a collosal rip off.

this is awesome news, Cutler and Pancake both!

We finally have a QB that can throw accurately more than 5 yards down field.

When Angelo said he needed a QB after last season was over, I doubted his word, based on the what's transpired last 5 years, he finally came through big time here.

this is awesome news, Cutler and Pancake both!

We finally have a QB that can throw accurately more than 5 yards down field.

When Angelo said he needed a QB after last season was over, I doubted his word, based on the what's transpired last 5 years, he finally came through big time here.

I'm a Chicago transplant out to Colorado...I might have to move back just for the upcoming season! I can't be more happy that the Bears got perhaps the best QB of their history. Even if he is average this year he will still most likely break all the Bear's passing records. No joke. I don't think Orton was that bad of a QB but he ain't no Cutler. Unfortunately I will have to watch Orton out here more than I will see Cutler tearing them up in the windy city. GO BEARS!

I'm a Chicago transplant out to Colorado...I might have to move back just for the upcoming season! I can't be more happy that the Bears got perhaps the best QB of their history. Even if he is average this year he will still most likely break all the Bear's passing records. No joke. I don't think Orton was that bad of a QB but he ain't no Cutler. Unfortunately I will have to watch Orton out here more than I will see Cutler tearing them up in the windy city. GO BEARS!

"And remember he's the fumble KING."

Wrong, JT O'Sullivan is the fumble king

I've been a Jay Cutler fan since his days at Vanderbilt...much to the laughter of many close friends and family. So I became a Broncos fan, as well. I've been a Cubs fan for the longest time, too, despite being a Texas girl. So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw Cutler traded to "Da Bears". (An old classmate of mine plays on the O-Line for the Bears, too, so it all seems to be coming together even more now.) Surely, this is fate!

I can't wait to see Cutler and the Bears put the hurt on the Broncos this pre-season, as well as everyone else! I think this is a great fit, personally, and that Cutler will surely grow up personally and professionally under the watchful eye of Coach Smith and the city of Chicago. What a great way to end a horrid, drama-ridden soap opera in Denver!

Go riddance to bad rubbish! Goooooo Bears!!!

This is Jerry Angelo speaking and I just wanted to thank you guys for the support. Also I saw Jay throw the ball around today and boy is he the quarterback we have been looking for! Thank you again!

Cutler,Orton,Grossman - really does not matter who is quarterback. Bears must fire offensive coordinator Ron Turner to really improve the team.

years and years of waiting.. FINALLY we have a possible solution at QB. Now lets get Torry Holt.

Congratulations Bears' fans, you are on the right side of the biggest deal in football in the last 20 years. I am not entirely sure that Orton will be playing much in Denver. Although he is capable it seems that McIdiot, I mean McDaniels, will be going after Matt Sanchez, a guy who's greatest asset is his hair. That flowing mane is straight out of a 70's CHiPs episode. Chicago gets Cutler, Denver gets "Ponch." See for yourself in the photo below:!/headline/11348

I don't think losing 2 first-round draft picks is so bad. Just look at recent history of Bear first-rounders. I honestly think that the 3rd round pick is the one we should have kept.

Lots of work remaining for the Bears. Urlacher is whining because he may not be the media and commercial darling--especially if Cutler gets 3-4 300 yard, 3-touchdown games. So he needs to get his head straight. The offensive line needs to protect the investment we now have, not the next piece of meat we've gone through. The defense, God Bless them, needs to tighten up--especially Charles Tillman. And we need WR's. Hester can be good, but could get better faster with some real veteran free agents. These agents would probably do better than our current WR's.

I thought it was an April Fools joke being played on me by Boers and Berstein. The words we had Jay Cutler. Finally! We are for real, The war of attrition for a quarterback is over. Thank you chicago Bears for at last stepping to the plate and hitting a Grand Slam. jerry Angelo, your a man of your word.

The Bears really made out with this deal, this is grand theft. I'm a lifelong Raider fan and would have happily given up JamarcBustus Russell and a few draft picks for Cutler. I can't believe Al Davis missed him years ago.
On a happier note, this makes our afc west divisional rivals hopeless for years to come. I bet you McDaniels will be the laughing stock of the NFL in two years from now. Thank you Chicago!!
Good luck

It is tough to see Cutler go but I'm angry enough at the Bronco management to say they deserve to lose him. Cutler's got what it takes and needs a stable environment to finish perfecting his play and win a super bowl. Meanwhile, I'm afraid of a dry spell here in Denver.

As a long time Bronco fan I am sorry to see Jay go...but I am happy for the Bears. The guy is only 25. I suspect that if the owner of the company we worked for fired our boss that we liked...then lied to us about keeping another boss (the offensive coordinator)...then the new unproven guy undermines our confidence still further...then lies to us about it....AND we could move somewhere else ....we probably would. I certainly don't call it whining. I think the Denver is a total moron. He tossed $20M away on a well liked and proven coach and then hired an unproven offensive mind....when the OFFENSE WASN'T broken. Well it is now. I think Cutler will be a top 10 or maybe even a top 5 NFL QB...and he has the most upside of any of the top ten. Soooo don't listen to those blind Bronco fans telling you Cutler is a whiner. They are whiners. Cutler did many unsung and unheralded charitable things for Denver and now some are crying and throwing him under the bus. I hope Chicago plays Denver at some point and beats them by 50. vkay23 fss4uz

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