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So, how'd that cat get onto Wrigley Field last night?

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last night's Cubs-Reds game when a house cat inexplicably scurried onto the field. A security worker took chase and cornered it near the left-field stands. After multiple attempts to corral the feline, he finally resorted to picking it up by the tail and handing it over to other security guards.

I wasn't at the game, but I can speak to the mood of female fans who were watching at Sopo Grill who let out a collective and spirited "Awwwwwwwwwwww!" And in classic Chicago fashion, our on-field cat encounter had to come weeks after a crazy cat stole home and the hearts of Mets fans on Opening Day at Citi Field.

But our question to Cub fans -- does anyone know how the cat actually got onto the field? And what happened to the cat after it was captured? Was it ushered to the Wrigley drunk tank to wallow with the rest of the inappropriate-behavior enthusiasts?

We have a few theories here around the newsroom about where the cat might have come from: 
cubs_reds_cat_wrigley.JPG1. Someone brought the cat into the park. But who brings a cat to a baseball game and sits there with it for four innings? Who does that? And if you're doing it to mess with Cub fans, why would you make it a cute, cuddly cat? Why not go for some real jinxing and sneak in a black cat?  

2. It's a neighborhood runaway that snuck into the park during the day through the open gate in right field and waited for an opportunity to take the field. In this case, there's probably a very relieved cat owner who is now frantically maneuvering the phone chain of the Chicago Cubs administrative office.

3. For a few "Lost" fans around these parts, the theory is that the cat is subject to time travel and was essentially 'warped' onto Wrigley Field. The lack of a bright light and oppressive sonic boom make this theory a bit suspect, however.

Whatever brought the cat to Wrigley Field last night, let's hope that it doesn't become an epidemic. And let's hope that the Cubs aren't getting too many animal-rights related complaints about the fact that the security worker resorted to picking the cat up by the tail the way so many four year olds are encouraged not to do.

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I kept waiting for the cat to attack Bobby Howry.

Whoever that was that picked up the cat by its tale and lifted it over the wall is a jerk. How'd he like it if someone picked up him by the dick and lifted him over a wall?

Was Rachel Welch at last night's game? Might be the same cat that she brought on my show.

A tail is not the same as a [deleted]. He should of used the scruff (or skin on the back on the neck) because it does not hurt the cat thats how a mother cat would carry a kitten.

i was at the game last night and in the bleachers. i have no idea how the cat wound up on the field, it just suddenly appeared. everyone was screaming, we originally thought it was a rabbit, and then someone said a dog. The cat was thrown over the wall in left field and that was the end of it. I forgot all about this until I just saw the story!

It works there. Obviously you have never seen the rats that scurry around in Wrigley field's passageways. He tried to get an early start on the 11 other cats that work there after hours.

I was at the game last night in the bleachers. I saw the cat get thrown onto the field by a fan in the front row. Literally tossed from the bleachers. This explains why the cat was limping across the field - probably due to injury from the over 15 foot fall.

This is the funniest thing ever!!
Like honestly, he picked it up by the tail?!
But how the heck did it get in the park anyway? Shouldnt the bag searchers at the door notice a cat? & then to just drop it off the bleachers.. wow mom wow.

Oh, and if your the person who did this, and your reading it, while it may be hilarious, what a jerk

Someone threw a cat over the wall onto the field? then its manhandled by the groundscrew off the field the thrown over the wall in left field out of the park? Seriously people, this isn't animal advocasy, this is just sick.

It's one of the rats from the visitor's clubhouse

So it's official: Wrigley Field is overflowing with [deleted]!

I just moved out of 3711 N Kemore. That cat, along with several others, live in the garage behind the building. The couple next door feeds them and provides additional shelter in the winter. I hope the cat is okay and I hope she made it back to her stray cat family.

Listen up all you winey [deleted]. Enough of the damn pissing and moaning about the groundskeeper picking up that worthes bag of fleas by the tail. Did you winey [deleted] not notice that the guy tried to pick the cat normally on more than one occasion, but the damn thing tried to claw the hell out of him. He was left with no choice, but to pick it up by the tail. The mangy cat wasn't harmed and any winey basterd that things different should be locked in a room with that cat so they can get their damn eyes clawed out. Heck, you lucky the guy didn't just spike the damn cat into the ground after getting clawed the first time.

This world has way too many winey asses losers with way to much time to worry about being P.C. on every issue. I can only hope for genocide on all you people.


How could you get a CAT into Wrigley Field. They check bags, purses etc. and I this is the first I have read it was thrown from the first row of bleachers. I really would like to know what happened to the cat.

The cubs are [deleted] for another 100 years now!

Fredbird gets the award for best comment of the year!

"So it's official: Wrigley Field is overflowing with [Another word for cat]!"

The cat ended up getting taken to the security office and adopted before any animal cruelty association arrived at Wrigley. This is direct from one of the heads of Wrigley security. Cat was wrapped up in blankets and taken to a nice home.

Kevin Replies: Word from Cubs front office today does not confirm this.

A cat ran across wrigley field, and quickly brought the game to a yield. He was searching for rats, some were hiding behind sosa's corked bats. In hopes of having one for a meal

The cat was probably throw over, by some unimaginative writer from a Chicago newspaper who doesn't know how to write about much else.

Kevin Replies: We'll call that the "Veiled Insult Theory."

The cat was throw over by some Chicago newspaper writer who usually only reports on stuff like this, rather than the game itself.

i live in the nieghborhood and that cat lives on kenmore. i dont know if it is a stray or not but i have seen a bunch of times. im sure it got through gate k and was hanging out under the bleachers.

I've seen cats before in the batter's eye shrubbery, my guess is it came from there.

The cat is at a shelter. See the Chicago Tribune for further details.

"We'll call that the 'Veiled Insult Theory.'"


My guess is that our feline friend was thrown onto the field by a bunch of disgruntled blog reading fans. These same fans that use the word "throw" wrong in sentences. The SAME ones that and have nothing better to do so they read an article that that are not interested in and then... the kicker.... comment on that same article that they still have no interest in...


Bus 134 anyone?

Kevin Replies: The greatest express bus to ever double as a pickup line.

...yeah, but if he can scamper that well all the time, get him a uniform and put his in reserve as a pinch-runner.

...yeah, but if he can scamper that well all the time, get him a uniform and put his in reserve as a pinch-runner.

Poor little thing. It must have been really scared. I feel for this feline and hope he finds a nice home.

Seriously, MLB claimed copyright infringement with youtube over this video? Are they planning to release a 'best-of' segment featuring cats in baseball? How greedy can you get? All I wanted to do was show my friends this hilarious video, but I obviously wasn't prepared for the MLB legal team.

Will the next step being tracking the IP addresses of all people who successfully watched the video and subpoenaing their ISP's to provide their personal information so MLB can reclaim their property damages? classic lol.

"By I hate winers on"

Wow you are a piece of work!
Wishing genocide on people who care about the pain of another?
I am disgusted. By the way you misspelled "winers".

this is a common thing at wrigley field 2 seasons ago it was a black cat that made the opposing teams pitcher refuse to finish the game. (no where not talking bout 1969 for the people that will think they know something) last season it was a dog, a cat, a field so full of birds mlb forced the cubs to forfeit. which is when they replaced there outdated bird X system with the x peller pro. The birds was either 2007 or 2008 season. And they say thats a BaseBall field worth going to. It almost seems a coincidence last year white sox vs yankees on april 22nd 2008 they had a black cat run out now on the 21st of 2009 a regular cat ends up on cubs field. well have to wait for next year to see whats up with that. I cant say its shocking i mean ive seen dogs running through wrigley, of course the mice and rats thats a common site there, if you havent seen a rat at wrigley youve never "really" been there.

It's Bush's fault!
Cheney knew about it!
The Cubs inherited the cat from the previous administration!

picking a cat up by the tail is not funny and not the proper way to handle a cat/kitten.i agree that it may be cute to see the little guy/girl on the field during a game. would they have tried to pick up an elephant by the tail if it happen to be on the field?

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