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Buffalo Bisons offer free tickets to the unemployed

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Recently, it seems we've been inundated with ridiculous minor-league baseball promotions. There was the Subtle Butt thing, the five-pound hamburger and, of course, Octomom Night.

With all of these off-the-wall gimmicks flying all over the place like Rick Ankiel fastballs, it's nice to see a team do something nice.

The Buffalo Bisons (isn't "bison" the plural form?) are offering up to four free tickets to their season opener for anyone who has lost their job.

"Our nation's pastime has seen this country through many tough times, and together the two have always come out on top," said Mike Buczkowski, Vice President/General Manager of the Bisons. "Many of the fans that helped us shatter attendance records are the ones being affected by this unsettling economic environment. The Bisons are honored to make all those fans our guests on Opening Day."

"Spring is here in Western New York, and with it, a new beginning for the Buffalo Bisons and their fans," State Labor Commissioner M. Patricia Smith said, "On April 9, come to the ballpark, bring your families and most importantly, watch the Bisons trounce the Red Sox. Just as Opening Day is filled with promise, we at the State Labor Department are proud to be teaming with the Bisons to spread the promise of hope to the unemployed right here in Western New York."

Bisons Offer Tickets to Unemployed      (Buffalo Bisons)

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I do not fall in the unemployed category. However.. I just returned to work after being on disability for 6 months. I am a single parent and have a son in baseball and a daughter in softball. I am unable to afford tickets at this time. Are there any opportunities for free and/or inexpensive tickets for a family of 1 parent and three children living on a fixed income with no child support I would appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you.

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