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Broncos fans not a happy bunch after Cutler trade

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jay-cutler2.jpgYou could probably break down the feelings most Bears fans have about the Jay Cutler trade into three categories: excitement, amazement and optimistic.

Without a doubt, fans should be excited because they're getting a potential franchise quarterback in Cutler, amazed that general manager Jerry Angelo orchestrated such a trade and optimistic that the Bears could actually be a decent team this upcoming season.

But Broncos fans are feeling none of the above. If anything, it's the exact opposite.
A quick perusal of the Broncos' message board turned up some interesting -- mainly disparaging -- remarks.

From nawgoat:
"I have been a bronco fan my whole life and this was the last straw. I cannot believe this team would let Cutler go. Josh McDaniels can go to hell and Pat Bowelen just stepped in it. How can you let a first year head coach trade the best QB since the Great John Elway. I'll go to the pre-season game against the bears, but as far as I'm concerned the broncos are dead to me."
From BroncoBill027:
"Its funny too because both the day i got that original txt and the day bowlen said we be trading him I was wearing my pimp JC saves t-shirt. the IRONY."
From JDAcord:
"Lets all go out and toast the weirdest, most unpredictable, diappointing, exciting and overall craziest off seasons the Denver Broncos have ever had."
From JrtheFreak:
"You can't compare Cutler and Orton. Orton isn't close to the same league."
From dirttrack45:
"Ok the Broncos just commited the cardinal sin in football by trading the franchise QB. The cry baby is gone and we ended up with second rate QB best. My family has been club level season ticket holders for years. And I and alot of other hard core fans deserve some answers. I think the coach and the owner need to sit down and answer some questions. I think it is completely disrespectful of the front office to do all of this stuff behind close doors and not even bother to listen to the fan base."

You would think the two first-round draft picks would make some fans feel somewhat better about the whole situation -- like a friendly pat on the back and a thank you.

But many Broncos fans just don't see it that way. Some are even yelling at buildings.

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cry babies j cutler is way over rated jake plummber put up the same numbers under shanahann and did nothing after he left. u guys got the two first round pix in the top 20 of this years draft. stop ur belly aching and get over it. u chumps stole our best player in brian dawkins and i'll never forgive u chump broncos!!!
with much hate,
see u in the regular season chumps

WHOOO.... Adam L. Jahns!!!

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