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Ben Gordon celebrates his clutch shot in an interesting way

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ben-gordon-groin-grab-celtics.jpgBen Gordon's clutch 26-foot three-pointer at the end of the first overtime saved the Bulls from falling down 3-1 to the Boston Celtics in their best-of-seven series, but as great his shot was, it may be what he did after making it that will be the talk of your water cooler this morning.

In move that would have made Michael Jackson proud, the guard seemed to clutch his groin after his trey. Consider it his answer to Bill Raftery's signature "Onions!" reaction to fearless play.

For his part, Gordon says he was having um, man problems, that necessitated the move.
Gordon's celebratory gesture after drilling the tying three-pointer at the end of the first overtime likely will draw a fine from the league. "If Mr. [David] Stern asks, it was my groin [bothering him]," Gordon joked.
Uhh, sure. That's what was going on.

Now, I give it about 3 hours until this video is yanked off of YouTube, and the ABC telecast shied away from showing the celebration in their replays.

Do you have a problem with Gordon's move, or do you think he got caught up in the heat of the moment and forgot where he was? Will this warrant a fine from the league and will it wake up a Celtics team that has been somewhat groggy through four games with the Bulls?

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That wasn't the NBA. That was something from a 9th grade gym class. It's sad and it's pathetic. Little kids idolize these guys like they're gods. Gordon could've come clean after the game and simply admitted he got caught up in the moment, but he didn't do that. If I did that at the office, I'd quite likely be looking for a new job - and rightfully so.

The NBA regular season bores me out of my mind. I enjoy the playoffs, but I will never enjoy watching grown men act like they're on a junior high playground.

Idea to consider, at what point will the FCC begin to regulate sports broadcasts more closely? We remember Janet Jackson's Super Bowl equipment failure, but lesser things on television have received fines. What about Hinrich's F bomb during Sunday's game? (I LOVE Hinrich, and he's NOT the first to yell an expletive during a game for the kids at home to hear. What are these guys thinking?!) If the FCC starts to enforce the same rules on athletes that are enforced on actors - what would that hurt?

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