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What would you like to see the Bears do at wide receiver?

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torry_plax_marvin.jpgMarvin Harrison. Plaxico Burress. Torry Holt.

The Bears are in need of another threat at the wide receiver position, and these three veteran candidates are currently the cream of the free agent crop.

Yet, speculation as to where any of these three could be headed has been kept to a minimum lately:
Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star says of the 36-year-old Harrison:

"If teams have any interest in Harrison, they are keeping it to themselves. In a media environment rife with speculation and rumor, there has been nary a whisper regarding Harrison visiting any other teams. Harrison, 36, spent 13 seasons with the Colts."

Holt, who the Rams cut loose last month, has been mentioned in the same sentence with the Tennessee Titans recently after the 33-year-old seven-time Pro Bowler paid the team a free agent visit.

Jim Wyatt of The Tennesseean reports:

"Asked what chances the Titans have of signing Holt, Fisher said: 'It is difficult to say. He wants to make the right decision for him, and there are other factors, too. There's salary and all those other things that have to fit. But we had a real good visit. He got to visit with the coaching staff and some of the players.''"

Brad Biggs recently reported that Holt is probably not an option for the Bears. 

It's unlikely (but not entirely impossible) that the Bears would go after Burress in the wake of the Cedric Benson/Tank Johnson era, and fans for the most part seem to be OK with that.

However, it was reported by Zach Zaidman on the Score earlier this week that the Bears' newest acquisition, Jay Cutler, reached out to Burress via text message that he "could use" him in Chicago. And if Burress can clear himself somehow of the felony gun charges looming over him, he could be a viable option for the team.

With Cutler at the helm, the Bears will need some solid targets at wide receiver. A lack thereof could turn a Pro Bowl quarterback into, well, a typical Chicago Bear gunslinger.

So, if you're Jerry Angelo, what's your approach to the wide receiver position in the off-season? Do you draft? Do you go after one of these free agents?

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We need to sign Torry Holt. Burress is clearly facing jail time and an NFL suspension for shooting himself in the leg. He has some character issues in general - and thus not a viable option. Marvin Harrison, as good as he was, is no longer good enough to be a game changer or even a decent number one. As Devin Hester mentioned, Torry Holt probably has a few good years left in him and would provide a great veteran presence amongst a young wide receiving core. All the while providing cutler with an excellent target for the next couple years as we develop other talent. So sign Torry Holt, draft a WR in the second round and take it from there.

I would go after Burress and give Jay a chance to be what he was brought here for.I think that gun charge is a bad law. In more than 45 other states that charge would have been thrown out or a little probation and been done by now,and most players cant play for Tom coughlin. Plax wont get much more than 30 days. Go After Burress

If the Bears are looking for WR help is that Jones receiver from the Jaguars to big of a risk?

If the Bears need a WR is Jones the receiver that had a DUI to big of a risk? Does he have more problems?

I believe that we need to go after Torry Holt, but he is probably wearing a titans jersey in his head just because they had a better year last year. I would love to see him in a bears uniform because not only would he be a solid number one wide out but he would be someone to take both bennet and hester under his wing. But if all else fails I believe in going to the draft. Juaquin Iglesias from OU had a great year and can become the bears Number 1 Wide out in a few years but he needs someone to help mold him.

None of the above. Go get Terrell Owens

Go after Burress as well as Holt! In the short term Holt provides a great option while waiting for Burress's mess to get resolved. Burress is a game changer; you cannot pass up on the opportunity to have a key contributor to the success of Cutler! I would also take a receiver in the second round and see how all our receivers perform during camp! Trade or release what's not working because times have changed on this football team average is not going to cut it! Cutler brings us instant creditability and the phrase franchises quarterback something I haven't been able to say since McMahon!
Angelo finish what you started! GO BEARS!!!

The Bears are not as hard up as you guys are making them out to be, sure Holt would be great, but if he doesn't come our way Bears can still work with Earl Bennett. Bennett and Cutler spent sometime together in Vanderbilt. I think Bennett and Cutler connection can work, not to mention Brandon Rideau. Cutler can possible make a few pro bowler's.

I say go after Tory Holt and draft the tallest/biggest receiver available in the second round. This way you have a solid veteran leading the way, helping develop Hester at #2 and Bennett as well. I like Iglesias in the draft, but a bigger guy (a future Plex, Cal Johnson) should be the target in the draft.

I heard Orland Pace on the radio today saying he spoke to Holt the other day. Holt said, "Have Lovie call me".

Why is having a WR so important when our pass defense and pass rush was just plain AWFUL this past season?

I think the Bears need to address the issues on defense first before going after receivers.


I'd take a gamble on Plaxico, a one year gamble, but he's a big receiver who can do plenty good around the goal line, and with Turners' play calling, that's a BIG bonus.

I'll tell ya, if our receivers coach could light a fire under Florida States' Carr, he could be a steal in the mid rounds.

I'm also a fan of Robiskie and Iglesias, should we use #2 on either.

A vet. WR. will help to open up the Def. Also to help mold our offence now. Marvin or Torry will do great, But Plaxico........Im 50 / 50 about that..I dont think that what he is going through right now will humble him...Hes not ready to handle that role yet. The sorry Giants can keep him!!!

The Bears should go after Holt. That's a no brainer. Then we could spend the 2nd rounder on a FS.

Plaxico brings too much baggage, and Harrison doesn't have as much left in the tank as Holt does.

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