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Baltimore Sun lays off sports writers by phone -- while they're in the press box

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Newspaper industry economic woes are no secret. The staff here at the Sun-Times has experienced it first hand -- and it's not pretty.

But this is just ... I don't know ... gross.

The Baltimore Sun laid off three sports writers and a photographer while they were in the press box at an Orioles game yesterday.

This from a live blog on the OC Register Web site:

"(Tough times in the newspaper biz. Two writers for the Baltimore Sun in the press box here got the news -- by phone during the game -- that they had been laid off in the latest round of cost-cutting. Stay classy, Baltimore Sun management.)

"(UPDATE: Make that three reporters and a photographer axed by the Sun during the game.)"

If you work in this industry, layoffs have become a source for daily fodder and speculation. It's traumatic enough to be among those who lose their job. But to be spared the common decency of a face-to-face dismissal -- It's just gross.

The Baltimore Sun is Absolutely Heartless, and Tim Wheatley is a Gutless Sports Editor [The Big Lead]

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