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What happened to the short-lived Tampa Bay Baseball Outsider blog?

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In the short time it took to generate some healthy buzz about a new blog from Carter Gaddis, a longtime baseball writer for the Tampa Tribune, the blog seems to have disappeared:

Gaddis, who now covers the Tigers for, kicked things off on his apparently now-defunct(?) Tampa Bay Baseball Outsider blog in dramatic fashion with a recounting of Devil Ray Adam Piatt's first meeting with the late Jeremi Gonzalez. Suffice to say that the story involves a hot dog bun and Gonzalez' swimsuit parts.

Deadspin championed it here.

SportsbyBrooks hyped it up here, and speculated whether MLIVE would let the blog live:

"Now, the real question is whether he cleared the blog by the people who still pay him to cover baseball teams, and, you know, blog about it for them. We can understand why MLIVE wouldn't be so hot on chatting up the mistaken identity of penises on their blog, particularly when it involves a deceased Devil Ray and two MLB wash outs."

Apparently, we got the answer.

Gaddis also keeps a blog, last updated Feb. 18, here.

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