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Watching the NCAAs online? These numbers say you are

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If the Internet is the best thing to happen to work - ever - then the NCAA Tournament streaming live - every glorious, nail-biting, upset-making moment of it - is the gold that fills your cubicle-trapped soul with light and happiness.

And yes, I know you've been watching at work. According to numbers reported by, there were 4.8 MILLION unique visits to through Saturday alone. That's just the first three days of the tourney - and up 65 percent over the same numbers in 2008.

That means that pretty much everyone in this country with a series of tubes attached to their desk has logged o at some point since Thursday.

Here's another eye-popping number on our online hoops obsession - 5.6 million. That's the number of hours through Saturday we had streamed during the Dance. That's about 2,333 40-minute basketball games worth of time if you're counting.

So it's time to thank our luck stars for broadband at work - and school and coffee shops, etc. - for helping us live the dram and curse our brackets.

And time yet again to wonder: Why doesn't a football playoff make sense again?

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C. Newman??? Who are you? Do K. Allen and K. Koster know you're blogging on their blogsite?

Linda S.

Well how about you stick to your own page and stay off of Sports Pros(e)..... thanks!

Linda S.

Also, C. Newman, when responding to the somebody's comments, there is an option for the blogger to "respond" to comments. DO NOT comment yourself. You're a blogger, not the reader.

.... or, ideally, just stop blogging on K. Allen and K. Koster's page altogether.

Linda S.

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