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Update: KFC offers to bring the Colonel to Wrigley Field to help break curse

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With the baseball season rapidly approaching, we're destined to hear more and more each day about the 101-year drought since the Cubs' last World Series victory and the curse that supposedly surrounds the team.

But the Cubs certainly aren't the only squad believed to be under some magical spell preventing them from reaching the promised land. And, when you compare their mystical plight to that of Japan's Hanshin Tigers, it almost seems boring.

 After all, the Cubs' problems have nothing to do with Colonel Sanders or Kentucky Fried Chicken.

A statue of the bearded fast food magnate was tossed into an Osaka river by overzealous fans after a particularly rousing 1985 victory. The rabid crowd had lifted the likeness from its base because it bore a resemblance to Tigers slugger Randy Bass. For 24 years, efforts to find the monument at the bottom of the body of water had been fruitless.

Until Tuesday.

Divers checking for unexploded bombs near a riverside pedestrian parkway discovered the statue, causing great excitement amongst the Hanshin faithful. Perhaps, their curse is over. Perhaps the statue will bless the team with good luck, and in turn, a title.

 Enter KFC.

 In a letter sent to the Cubs Thursday, KFC inquires about the possibility of bringing the newly found Colonel to Opening Day at Wrigley Field. But even as the company offered to help banish the demons that have surrounded the franchise, it couldn't help bringing up Steve Bartman.

"Seeing as your 'recent acquisition' is in the midst of the longest championship drought in U.S. professional sports history ... we - at Kentucky Fried Chicken - want to help," the letter reads.

"We are working desperately with our Japanese colleagues to bring the curse-breaking Colonel Sanders statue to your field by opening day. While we can't promise the statue will snap curses of billy goats, black cats or even a foul-ball-interfering fan, we figure it can't hurt."

 Consider it trying to kill two curses with one fried bird icon.

 "It seems like the perfect opportunity, with the Colonel as an international symbol of good luck to give it a try," a KFC spokesman said. "The statue is part of a well-known legend in Japan and the Cubs have lots of similar stories like it as well."

 The company would hope to borrow for the statue in order to bring it to the United States, hopefully for the opening homestand, the spokesman said. The spokesman said the Cubs had no response as of Thursday night.

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