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Tonya Harding doesn't care for Barack Obama using her name as a verb

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tonya-harding-barack-obama.jpgThere are a certain permutations of keywords that really raise your eyebrows. The grouping of "Tonya Harding," "Barack Obama," and "Finger-Pointing" lets you know that the following video is going to be worth your time.

Harding, as if there's any way you could forget, was the figure skater who conspired to attack Nancy Kerrigan before the 1994 Winter Olympics. Since then, her life has turned into something perfectly suited for a VH1 reality show -- replete with a sex tape and appearance on Fox's "Celebrity Boxing" against Paula Jones.
She sat down with HBO's "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" and along the way responded rather unfavorably to then-campaigning Barack Obama using her in an analogy back in 2007.

There's a lot to digest there, but it's never good when someone calls you a "piece of work," especially the journalist interviewing you on camera.

Also, I'd wager that people have not forgotten who she is, they're just not troubling themselves with the memory. And, what are these job opportunities that magically opening up to her after Obama invoked her name?

So, what do you make of her comments? To use her phrase, what the hell is important about what she has to say? Does anyone believe that all publicity is good publicity?

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c'mon kyle, is time to admit that you have always had this strange thing about the babe

that's one funny figure skater. for a lot of other funny stuff, check out

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