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Tom Brady to appear on 'Entourage'

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tom-brady-entourage copy.jpgYou're probably sitting there thinking that you just aren't getting enough Tom Brady in your life. You're certainly not getting as much as you deserve. It just doesn't seem fair.

Well, the producers of Entourage are going to address your needs by allowing the newly married quarterback to star in an episode of the show next season.
"The handsome football star is set to appear on the next season of HBO's Entourage, which will film next week in Los Angeles.

"He will be playing himself at a celebrity golf tournament," a HBO publicist tells E! News.

Presumably, Adrian Grenier's Vinnie Chase will also be participating in the tournament, but no word as to whether the New England Patriot will share screen time with Mr. Mercury Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold.

Fore! Tom Brady Plays Golf With Entourage     (E!)

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Entourage, Season 06 Episode 05, is my favorite by far. It was a much hyped episode given the tabloid and Hollywood press coverage solely 'cause Brady was appearing as himself after the knee surgery. He did pretty good though not as convincing as Coach Belichick in Dennis Leary's Rescue Me but nonetheless. Turtle's incredulous image of Patriots quarterback from the point of view of blue-blooded Giants fan was annoying but understandable at many levels. Jamie Lynn Sigler's fore-handed appraisal of Brady was appreciative and Wahlberg put together a great show. However, I wanted to see Piven and Brady in the same scene. Maybe in Season 7!

Let's go Patriots! Super Bowl XLV is ours.

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