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The worst $107,952 Brian Giles ever spent

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You've probably come across that certain doomed couple who, for myriad reasons, just really shouldn't be together. And yet, they insist. Well, apparently a version of that couple manifested in the pairing of San Diego Padres right fielder Brian Giles and ex-girlfriend Cheri Olvera.

Giles underwent anger management treatment last year so a judge would dismiss a misdemeanor domestic violence charge stemming from a 2006 incident in which Giles punched Olvera on the back of the neck and side of her face.

But that's only where the drama begins.
Olvera filed suit against Giles last year, and is seeking $10 million. The suit, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, claims Giles "battered her, including while she was pregnant, causing a miscarriage."

Then last month Giles filed a countersuit, saying it was Olvera that abused him. In the countersuit, Giles is seeking the return of a diamond engagement ring, reportedly valued at $107,952.

It gets uglier.

From the Union Tribune:

In December 2007, Giles states he stepped in front of the car she was driving and told her she should not drive because of her intoxicated condition. He states Olvera swore at him and drove forward, trying to run him over. "Olvera struck Giles in the legs," the countersuit states. "In shock at what she had just done, Olvera stopped the car."

Another time, in 2005, Giles stated the two were arguing as he went to get something from his refrigerator at his home in Poway. "Olvera took off her spiked high heel shoe and took a swing at him saying 'I'm going to stab you in the face,' " the countersuit states. "She missed and swung at Giles again, whereupon he caught her hand," the countersuit states. "Olvera then launched into a stream of profanities."

In spring 2008, Giles states Olvera wrongfully entered his residence in Del Mar and took several blank checks that she used to misappropriate approximately $20,000 from his account.

It gets even uglier.

In an article published today, an eye witness refutes Giles' story about the car. In a pre-trial deposition she says it was Giles, not Olvera, who was the aggressor that day.

 "I don't know if he jumped onto the hood or if he was bumped onto the hood," the witness stated.

She said Giles then pounded on the hood and told Olvera to get out. Olvera rolled her window down.

"That's when he put his arm in there and took her by the hair and pulled her out of the car," the witness said.

Olvera's attorney, Cary Goldstein, asked her if Giles pulled Olvera through the car window by her hair. The witness replied, "I don't know exactly how. It was so fast, honestly."

"But do you recall him pulling her by the hair, correct?" Goldstein asked.

"At some point, yes," the witness said.

When the witness saw Olvera lying on the ground, the witness said she got out of the car and Giles got in. The witness said Olvera's legs were on the ground between the two wheels, prompting the witness to pull Olvera out of the car's way. The witness said she asked Giles not to move the car, but he quickly did so anyway.

Meanwhile, Giles is in spring training, sharing Manny Ramirez anecdotes with reporters. Including one where Manny, while he and Giles were teammates in Cleveland, promised to hit three home runs in one game, each to different parts of the field, and each with a different bat -- and proceeded to deliver.

Giles: 'This is all about money' (NBC San Diego)

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