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Subtle Butt to be handed out at minor league baseball games

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SB01.jpgYesterday we told you about the efforts of some Minor League baseball teams to attract fans to the ballpark in these tough economic times with heart-attack inducing food items. Not to be outdone, the Lake Elsinore Storm will see your greasy burgers, onion-laden bratwurst and goopy gop and raise you some free fart neutralizers.

A recent press release from the team reads:

"You can probably deduce that All-You-Can-Eat ballpark food might lead to substantial gas, which is where corporate sponsor, Subtle Butt, enters the picture. Made of activated carbon fabric, each disposable 3.25" square shield is held onto the inside of the underwear with two self-adhesive strips. Subtle Butt effectively filters flatulence, absorbing and neutralizing its odor."
We're sad to report that Subtle Butt is an actual product. Here's some YouTube evidence:

Ben's Biz Blog went above and beyond the call of duty and actually talked to the maker of Subtle Butt:

"'Our office is full of girls, and all we do all day long is talk about [flatulence] and sweat," said Kim Olenicoff, Garment Guard's founder. 'We've never partnered with anyone before, but in Minor League Baseball we might have found the perfect niche.'

"This ideal pairing came about through the wonders of social networking.

"'I grew up with one of the guys [assistant gm Allan Benavides] who works at the Storm,' she said. 'Through the magic of Facebook he found me and saw what it is I do. He called me up and explained that he thought this would be a good fit.'"

So, there you have it. Further reason to blame the scourge of social networking as the downfall of Western civilization.

A Subtle Way to Curb Ballpark Emissions [Ben's Biz Blog]
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