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Speculation round-up: Where will T.O. go?

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News sites, including our own, are blowing up with do-you-want-Terrell-on-your-team questions. Adam Caplan of is reporting the teams most likely to sign him are the Bills, Bears, Jets, Raiders and Redskins.

You can already rule out the Jets and Redskins though:

The Jets don't want him: T.O. to the Jets? NO

The Redskins aren't interested: Skins say no to T.O. speculation

So, who does want him? Here's some more chatter from around the league:
The Giants don't: Giants have "zero" interest in T.O.

The Broncos might: T.O. + Broncos = Uh-O

The Falcons might: Is it T.O. Time in the ATL?

The recently Torry Holt-less Rams might: The Official Bring T.O to Rams Thread

Vikings fans hope not:  Should the Vikings pursue Terrell Owens?

The Ravens -- contenders when he went to Philly -- likely don't: Ravens not expected to pursue T.O.

The 49ers don't ... clearly: Source: 49ers not interested in Owens

The Dolphins probably don't: T.O.? Don't even think about it

The Panthers already have an over-the-hill go-to receiver (sans drama) in Moose Muhammad: Panthers and T.O.? Oh no

The Raiders are a possibility ... but, really anything is a possibility with that franchise: Say no to T.O.

Could he stay in-state with the Texans? Doubtful: Would you want Terrell Owens in the AFC South?

There's even a possibility he could join Randy Moss on the Patriots: The Patriots are in the market for a 3rd receiver ... hmm

Eagles ... no.

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i say bring him to the bears!!! we need a receiver who demands the ball!!! sign him to a 2 year deal to help hester get better. if you noticed owens never starts anything for the first 2 years its always in the 3rd year. he could really help develop our young players into really good receivers. GO FOR IT BEARS, MAKE A MOVE, QUIT SITTING ON YOUR HANDS HOPING YOULL FIND SOMEONE IN THE DRAFT WHO YOU WONT START ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

does not anyone watch the game - sure he gets passes but have you ever seen him run a real route - Owens does not know how - get real

Yeah Bill, he doesn't know how to run routes, but somehow he had more receptions than any of our wide receivers, err running back. And his 10 TD receptions totaled more than all of our receivers combined, but yes, he can't run a route. You need to get real.

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