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All-American kicker Pat McAfee wrestles War Pig, improves draft stock

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800px-PatMcAfeeWarmup.JPGWest Virginia placekicker Pat McAfee connected on 17 of 20 field goal attempts and made all 36 of his extra point attempts this past season. But no amount of clutch kicking could prepare McAfee for his bout with War Pig.

McAfee, an NFL prospect, took on the masked, bloodied War Pig in a semi-professional Wrestling match at the South Charleston Community Center.

This is the type of story that every sports writer hopes to someday cover, but rarely have the chance. Indeed, writing for a small-market newspaper has its perks. For instance, you have the ability to dedicate 1,300 words to a wrestling match at a community center.

Ashley B. Craig's article in the Charleston Daily Mail offers this blow-by blow recounting of the match:
[McAfee] was called into the ring by a man dressed as a doctor, who told the audience that he intended to teach McAfee a lesson for speaking in negative terms about a wrestler known as "War Pig."

The two bantered back and forth until the offended wrestler came running out of back room into the ring.

"War Pig" instantly had McAfee against the ropes, hitting him hard in the chest and face. When the All-American kicker fell to the canvas in pain, the wrestler followed, pulling on his legs and trying to pin him. McAfee struggled to free himself, but was then lifted by "War Pig" into a move similar to a pile driver, which has been all but banned in WWE wrestling, and slammed back into the mat.

McAfee wasn't out of tricks just yet.

Fans watched as McAfee stood close to one of the corners in the ring while "War Pig" as he charged toward him. Before the wrestler could hit him, McAfee leaped over him, and landed just in time to see "War Pig" slam into the turnbuckle.

That's when McAfee started using his legs.

As the "War Pig" stumbled back toward McAfee, the football player launched a kick that would bring most men to tears followed quickly by another kick to the face that caused the wrestler to drop to the canvas.

The kick, which some wrestling fans might know as the Superkick, was made popular most recently by WWE wrestler Shawn Michaels, who uses the move in his finisher Sweet Chin Music.

McAfee scurried on top of him and got the three-count pin. He was declared the winner of the bout and helped out of the ring by his friends while the "War Pig" ran back to where he came from.  

If this doesn't boost McAfee's draft stock, I don't know what will. Think about it. What fan of an NFL team doesn't want to say that their kicker is a part-time semi-professional wrestler. And what NFL fan doesn't want to be able to say that his kicker bested War Pig. 

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Hey! I took that picture of McAfee at the 07 WVU/East Carolina game. Thanks for using it here.

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