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Obama looking forward to Duke, Coach K proving him wrong

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Yesterday, Mike Krzyzewski's lighthearted jab at Barack Obama's bracket sparked a little bit of controversy on this here blog. Thankfully, it seems we can put this non-issue-turned-issue to rest after the president responded to Coach K's comments.

"Coach K, I think, is a great coach. And you know, Reggie Love, my assistant, played for Coach K. And so it's not surprising. I didn't pick him to go to the finals. Look he's a competitive guy, I just don't think they've got the inside game to go all the way. But I look forward to him proving me wrong," the president said.

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To prove my point that B. Obama clearly doesn't know what he's talking about, the dorky politician bracket did WORSE than the Sun-Times' smarmy K. Allen.

The prognosticator-in-chief finished with 11 of the 16 games right... He ranked in the bottom quarter after the first day.

Linda S.

March 27th Villanova 77 Duke 54 say what! Linda S. Slam Dunk that!

Coach "K" is a whiny, over-rated, rich Republican! He is not the excellent coach everybody praises, he's a little crappy man. I hope UNC wins just to prove a point to the little coach. He can take all of his millions and have tea with ex-Senator Dole.

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