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Michael Vick may have written a book in prison

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michael_vick_book.jpgMichael Vick will be out of prison and back in the headlines as early as May. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is busy burying the lead in their stories about the convicted dog fighting enthusiast.

To the long list of words that some may use to describe the former Falcons quarterback, it seems possible that 'author' may be added. The last two sentences of an article about the return of attorney Daniel Meachum to Vick's legal team in today's AJC read:
"Vick allegedly has written a book while in prison and is seeking co-authors and a publisher.

"'That may or may not be in the making,'" Meachum said. 'That would too premature right now. But I'm committed to helping Mike get back on his feet.'"

Hang on, AJC. There's got to be more to this story than the fact that a Vick book "may or may not be in the making." Most states have what are called "Son of Sam" laws that prevent convicted criminals from profiting on their crime through such mediums as movies, public recountings and ... books.

Both Georgia and Virginia have such laws.

So the question then becomes where the money would/should go if Vick were to write a book about his experience. Obviously, animal rights organizations like PETA would suggest the money go toward ... well, them. But different states have different laws about how the money is filtered.

Vick will attempt to convince NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to re-instate him this summer. (Plenty of you weighed in with some strong opinions last month when we asked whether you'd welcome Vick to the Bears). Perhaps writing a remorseful book that sheds some light on his journey from dog killer to remorseful former dog killer could help his cause. Of course, reminding the general public that he was, at one time, a profiteering dog killer could backfire. So, perhaps a message on each page reminding readers that Michael Vick won't be profiting on sales of the book would be beneficial.

What do you think? Would it be a good move for Vick to write a book about his experience? If so, where should the money for that book go?

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Fresh off the news that Maurice Clarett has also been blogging from prison. Is it weird that the only books written by athletes without ghostwriters are written in prison?

There are more important things going on like getting this country back on firm footing. I feel that Mr.Madoff is worse the Mr Vick at this point.

Kevin Replies: I see your point, and I can't say I disagree. So ... because we cover mainly sports issues here at Sports Pros(e), should Bernie Madoff attempt to quarterback an NFL franchise upon his release from prison, rest assured we'll be all over it.

The money should go to Vick. He writes it, he get's paid. If it's about his journey and personal life the laws won't apply... I don't see it as him profiting from his crime.

Anyone else getting the money would be a crime. He won't need the money and is probably doing it for personal reasons. The image benefit is a greater purpose, but just because he is rich doesn't mean some other group should get his money.

PETA has tried to profit enough from Vicks name and it is clearly the only reason they jumped all over him, money!!!

This is the only federal dog fighting case in the history of our country. Vick was thrown under the bus. Nobody has lost more money and been sentenced to more prison time than Vick. There are way bigger dogfighting rings that have been busted and brought up on criminal charges. Do you know what the word acquitted means... Boudreaux, the "Godfather" of dogfighting with 57 charges against him.

Where were all of you on dogfighting before Vick??? What were you doing for the cause??? Nothing, that's what I thought... He did you a favor and has brought awareness to the cause. The guy you hate for dogfighting will do more to stop it than any of you.

For you to refer to him as a "dog killer" is ridiculous. That would be like me referring to you as almost bald guy... It's really a case of you trying to feel like you are better than him (since you are jealous of his athletic talent)... Very sad and unnecessary. You seem like a nice guy but attacking Vick with slanderous name profiling is hardly respectable...

Partial birth abortions are going on in this country and we call it a choice not murder (it's a choice to murder) Outrageous!!! We also call the murderers performing the acts doctors. What's going on here? Perspective anyone???

PETA kills more dogs than anyone, but I guess you would say they are just doing their job... When can I take dogs to court over them pissing all over our streets.


I don't think you could have put that any better. It's a shame that PETA went to those extremes to try and put Vick under the prison. Its unreal how they try to make him out as such a bad person and blackmale him for every dollar he gets! someone should take PETA to court for that! At the end of the day people have to understand enough is enough and you cant try to run the mans life for the rest of his life. LEAVE HIM ALONE PERIOD!

If the NFL allows peta which is a special interest group to influence what goes on in the NFL, I think it is a very dangerous precedent to set. MR. GODELL should take a look at how GOLF handled the attack it came under a couple years ago from a very prominent special interest group.Say to peta who doesn't give a crap about football to go get a real life.

Vick writing a book will be a smart PR move. As a PR student, I like the idea. What better way to show remorse?

This will be good summer: I graduate from college, Vick comes home, and the NBA Playoffs (Go Hawks)

I really think a lot of us WERE aware of dog-fighting before this happened and have been working to make appropriate laws for this barbaric bs... Don't make assumptions and group everyone with a particular uneducated label..... It's ignorant. Do your research on dog-fighting before Michael Vick was caught. And fyi, I do not support PETA. I support the independent animal activists who work 24/7, without funding, to support the welfare of ALL creatures.

As for Vick, I think he's a waste of human space, but I would only hope his jail time and loss of millions in assets has taught him a very valuable lesson. Him donating a percentage of that money to independent rescuers around the U.S. would prove he's changed. If not, karma's a wonderful thing.

I say Vick should recieve the money that is coming to him. He did do a bad thing but he should also be aloud to play again. He is one heck of a quarterback and i think he should get back on his feet again. I think the NFL should let him play this year or at least next year. Well, seeya.

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