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Kansas City shuffle: County exec worried about city losing Chiefs, Royals

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kansas-city.jpgA county executive in Kansas City is worried that one of the Midwest's finest cities could lose its two professional sports teams because of the city's budget proposal.

"Thursday, Mayor Mark Funkhouser put forward his plan, which includes eliminating nearly $2 million the city gives each year to the Truman Sports Complex.

"This came with no notice to us. We were unaware that this was even going to be an issue," Sanders said in a KMBZ radio interview. "The money would be the violation. But the fact that we would have violated a substantive provision would mean those leases are now gone ... We would be on a tightrope or a high wire with no safety net."

Sanders said if the city pulls its $2 million annual contribution, it would break the lease and leave the city with no written guarantee keeping the Royals and Chiefs in Kansas City for the long term.
Neither the Royals or Chiefs had any comment.

Sanders Worried About Losing Chiefs, Royals     (KMBC)

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You have got to be kidding me, that is ridiculous, though it seems to make since the way everything goes in this city with our beloved chiefs, royals and tigers, we can never seem to get a big championship from any of the mentioned and now that we show promise with these teams they could possibly leave. This is so very said because I will be 43 years old this year and have had to suffer through many years of watching the chiefs not make a great run at the superbowl. My dad helped build those 2 stadiums and we have shared many talks and memories. My dad just recently passed away and now I may loose something else I really enjoyed and cherished because of someones dumb decisions and crookedness. Very disheartened and disappointed.

"Mayor Funkhouser"?

(though i've heard one of the NY area hockey teams may be lured there)

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