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If he's available, should the Bears draft Andre Smith?

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andre_smith.jpgHe was once projected as a top-five NFL draft pick. But Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith's stock has fallen at a rate that would make many Wall Streeters do a double take.

First, he skipped an early NFL Draft combine after showing up out of shape -- a decision he now says he regrets.

Then, the plan was to wow the scouts yesterday at his Pro Day. There's video of his workout from, but by some accounts, Smith didn't help himself.

"['s Tony] Pauline writes that Smith's lack of preparation was obvious as he was overweight. One scout called the performance, 'one of the worst workouts I've ever seen.'"

"Another AFC East scout told Pauline: 'He lost millions today.'

However, There are other opinions out there about Smith -- specifically from Smith:

Several mock drafts, including one at, predict the Bears will take an offensive tackle with the 18th overall pick. If you believe the anti-hype, it's possible Smith's stock has fallen at least that far.

The Bears took a chance on an offensive tackle in the first round of last year's draft with Vanderbilt's Chris Williams. Despite his failure to make a significant contribution last season, Williams is a projected starter in 2009. The team signed Frank Omiyale from the Carolina Panthers, but there's still a need for young talent at the position.

So our question is, if Andre Smith is available when the Bears are on the clock, do they take a chance on Smith?

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A more appropriate title would be "What is wrong with Andre Smith?" The shirtless photos and bench press results permeating the interweb this morning would seem to say "no" is the only answer to your question.

Kevin Replies: Clearly you didn't watch the interview with Smith. He says he's good to go. And if I believe anyone's opinion when it comes to how much money he should make, it's his.

The Bear should not draft A. Smith.

A. Smith is a lazy man. It was in his own (and bank account's) best interest to simply stay in shape for the NFL combine. He is now fat and he will fall in the draft, thus, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How is he going to handle life in the NFL when things get tough?

How bad is he going to crumble when O. Kruetz gets P.O'd and punches him during an argument?

A. Smith has *RED FLAG * RED FLAG* written all over him. The Bear should look to draft another offensive lineman.

Linda S.

I think we sometimes forget that these guys coming into the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL are young and still "kids" barely out of High School. Yes they have the bodies of grown men, but a lot of these guys are not even old enough to drink in most states, yet the media loves tearing these guys down and magnifying their every fault. Give these guys time to mature and grow before you place judgement on them. Yes, there are a lot of idiots playing professional sports, but the criticism is sometimes unfair and unwarranted as it relates to professionall athletes, especially the young guys that have not had a chance to become men and prove themselves.

The Bears had a chance to draft future HOF Randy Moss in '98, but passed on the kid because of negative media rumors and instead drafted Curtis Enis; Also the Bears had a chance to move up and draft a kid by the name of Warren Sapp in '95, another future HOF, but decided to select Rashann Salam because Sapp supposedly smoked a little pot while in college and the media said Sapp did not work hard.

If Andre Smith is available for the Bears with the 19th pick in the first round, the Bears should jump on this kid and draft him. If we can get Chris Williams up and going at one of the tackle positions along with Andre Smith...that puts the beloved Bears in a good position on the OL at the tackle positions for the next 7-10 years.

Hey, lets ask Matt Forte and Kyle Orton what they think?

As a Bama fan, I watched Andre since he was a freshman and he has been nothing but dominant. I would take him in a heartbeat. If the Tide needed one yard, you could bet it was a run behind Andre. How much would the Bears have given for a play guaranteed to get them one yard last year? Not sure where his head is at lately, but he would be a steal if he falls ti the Bears.

Well if the bears have the chance to take smith they would be crazy to pass on him..I just think there is no way he will still be on the board when the bears pick..This is a guy alot of people thought the lions might take #1 overall with early mock drafts and i know there are concerns about his maturity and work ethic but you cant teach 6'5" 340lbs. thats just a gift..Even with his fallen stock i say he won't be on the board past pick #13 to the redskins and he will be the 4th o-lineman taken...But like i said earlier if the bears have a chance to take him they would be crazy to pass on him...

I say go get him. Much like GenXFactor said about Warren Sapp and Randy Moss, I see this as an opportunity to get a top 5 talent at a position that really need help. I understand that we drafted Chris Williams and he is projected to start, but as of now I'm projecting him to be injured until I see otherwise so we still need at least one and maybe two tackles if the other guy we just signed doesn't pan out. Besides, aren't OT by nature going to have weight issues? I understand it's a risk to get a guy who might have perceived motivational issues and it is important that Angelo and Lovie do their due diligence, but again getting top-5 talent at a position that is a need when your drafting at 18 sounds good to me.

If the Bears get lucky enough for this guy to fall to 18th or, God forbid, they move up enough to get this kid, it could be a terrific outcome. With good coaching and mentoring this kid could be a great NFL player. You can't coach talent. I really hope the Bears get a shot at this Guy!!

he is too lazy to be a first around player,,,he will be out of the NFL within 5years,,,,, if you that young you can t take care you body how are you going to do it when you 30 years old,......The NFL Veteran will smoke him like a cheap sigar.......way too lazy I can take him myself and I am 62 years old

You don't pick a player based on how he looks in shorts or how he lifts weights. You pick the guy on how he looks in games. The film don't lie. If he's there, he merits serious consideration. Amen.

The man pressed 225 lbs. for 19 reps at his pro day. That is the average number of reps for a WR. Smith is an offensive lineman. The average reps for an O-lineman and D-linemen is 32. And one KICKER had 24 reps of 225 lbs, according to Rich Eisen of the NFL Network.

Smith's not a first round pick, maybe he'll be picked in the later rounds. For the amount of money invested in a first rounder, the player needs to be a starter and be able to decimate ANYONE lined against him.

Smith is going to need to show technique and power to be a first-rounder. Because the D-lineman against Smith will have experience, technique and power and an incentive-laden contract as motivation to run-through Smith and grind the RB or QB into the ground.

Smith looks like a fifth-rounder at best.

While I do question Andre Smith's work ethic and desire, He has great upside. I don't watch many Alabama games but I know when I did this kid can take the end out of the play with his size, and then still has the presence of mind and speed to kick out and take out a safety or a linebacker as well. About his poor combine performance... so what? The combine is horribly overrated. Look at players like Terrell Suggs. He had a terrible combine, and now he's one of the elite linebackers in the NFL. Glen Dorsey chose not to even participate in the combine last year, had a stress fracture, and still got drafted top 5. Offensive lineman's bench has also got to be something that people pay far too much attention to. I coach highschool football and I don't ask my players what their bench is when I'm deciding who makes it, and who starts. The most important things at the O-line are footwork, balance, and hand placement. Notice strength isn't on that list. Run blocking is all about getting under the other guys pads and putting your hands between his shoulders, if you can do that consistently you can drive him like a car and it doesn't matter how much bigger that guy is compared to you. Pass blocking is all about staying balanced, and being able to move your feet to keep the end outside. The fact is the film doesn't lie. In game is far different from benching and running drills at the combine. A. Smith is a steal at the 18th pick. If the bears get the chance, they should pull the trigger (Unless Maclin is somehow still on the board.)

Heck yeah the Bears should gamble on the Beast from 'Bama! I watched about four Crimson Tide games this past football season, and that dude is a veritable road grader. They got all their yards on the ground running to the left side, right behind you know who. Who cares if he's out of shape during the off-season? When he's dressed and on the field, his ability is readily apparent for all to see. And frankly, I don't care about his 40 time, or how many times he can throw up 2 plates on the bench press. I'd be much more interested in how much he squats or cleans, which is a more true measure of strength for an O-lineman. If he's there at 18, snag him Angelo!!!

There is no way on earth i would take this guy if i am the bears at 18. Im looking towards darrius Heyward-Bey or Hakeem Nicks or even a defensive lineman. It would be a smarter pick to go those routes and wait till the middle rounds in deep offensive linema draft class. The greater need is at receiver plus how may times have seen the Chicago staff take major risks on unmotivated players who arent ready to play? I look for the Bears to go for offense just not Andre Smith. They still possibly will have John St. Clair coming back and they sign Omiyale to add to Chris Williams I think an offensive guard would be a better route, but again in later rounds since they have their starters in place in the middle.

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