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Gary Sheffield released by Tigers; wants to be a Ray

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gary_sheffield_release.jpgIn a move that seems to be surprising Detroit Tiger beat writers everywhere, the team released designated hitter Gary Sheffield this morning. The move is perhaps most startling because the Tigers guaranteed Sheffield $14 million this season.

The Detroit Free Press reports it's the second-highest amount owed to a released player in the club's history -- behind the club's $14.3 million hit it took in 2003 with Damion Easley.

The move is even more perplexing considering his next home run will be the 500th of Sheffield's career.

Sheffield hit .178 (8-for-45) during spring training.

"Sheffield said he still "feels great" physically and would like to play this season. When asked if this is the end of his career, he replied, "It ain't close."

"Once he clears waivers, Sheffield will be able to sign with another team. He said he'd give preference to the Tampa Bay Rays, who play close to his home."

Tigers release Sheffield []
Tigers release designated hitter Gary Sheffield []

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Don't let the doorknob hit you. Expect Gary's bad-mouthing of the Tigers to begin in 5...4...3...2...1...

I'll never forget his game-winning......oh, wait a second.....that one went foul. Man, Shef could really belt a foul ball.

they finally realized what a cancer this guy is. as a Red Sox fan i hope he signs on with the Rays.

HA! Couldn't have happened to a "nicer" guy. This guy give Ty Cobb a run for his money

I don't get it. You're paying the guy 14 million dollars regardless, you might as well try get some contribution out of him by keeping him on the roster. And as a bonus, even if he's not the most popular player, a 500-homer chase is a good extra draw at the box office.

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